Patch Notes: 1.2.2 Patch Notes – 5/1/2012

Servers are now back up after a short maintenance. This time BioWare have been busy fixing bugs. Personally I am happy that companion earpiece and implant stats really does seem to be fixed this time around!

Classes and Combat


      • Corrected an issue that prevented damage shields (such as Force Armor) from re-applying properly when activated before the current damage shield expired has been addressed.


      • Plasma Cell now correctly deals its damage 3 times per application.

Companion Characters


Crew Skills


      • Corrected some performance issues related to opening the crafting window if it contained a very large number of schematics.

Crafting Skills

      • Some gear that could be reverse engineered but erroneously displayed the “No Research Available” tooltip has been corrected.

Gathering Skills

      • Premium Slicing lockboxes now yield the correct amount of credits.

Flashpoints and Operations


      • An issue that prevented Hard Mode Flashpoints from dropping loot based on group composition has been addressed. Drops usable by a person in the group are not 100% guaranteed, but the system now properly takes composition into account.
      • The “Exit Area” button in Flashpoints and Operations is now disabled during combat.
      • Corrected an issue that prevented Operation Group leaders from being added to the Operation Officer Chat channel.


Explosive Conflict



    • Mysterious, Unusual, and Wondrous Eggs can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network.
    • An issue that could prevent hair from showing on Jedi Knights while wearing certain visors has been addressed.

Missions and NPCs


      • The weekly Nightmare Pilgrim mission now rewards 4 Black Hole Commendations.
      • If a player logout causes a mission to fail, the player is now transported outside of that mission’s phase when logging back in.


World Missions
Black Hole Area
            • The previous mission requirements for The End of Torvix (Imperial) and Chasing the Shadow (Republic) have been removed. Players can now accept these missions at any time within the daily restrictions.
            • Players not on the mission The End of Torvix (Imperial) or Chasing the Shadow (Republic) can now use the elevators inside the phase to assist group members with the mission.
Class Missions
Jedi Consular
          • Heist of the Millennium: The map now indicates the correct elevator on the step “Return to the Shuttle.” Several map note issues have been addressed.



        • Corrected an issue that could cause multiple sounds to play on top of each other when receiving multiple medals at once.
        • A rare issue that could grant players rewards for two Huttball wins at the end of a match has been corrected.
      • Corrected an issue that occasionally caused both teams in the Voidstar to receive less rewards than intended.

Space Combat




      • Pressing the Enter key on the prompt that displays when purchasing an expensive item now cancels the window instead of accepting the cost.
      • Corrected an issue that could cause completed missions to reappear in the mission log and tracker.
      • Pressing the R key to reply after receiving multiple tells now correctly displays the name of the player that will receive the reply.
      • Moving items in the inventory no longer affects their display in hotbars or in the mission tracker. This also corrects an issue that could prevent items in hotbars or the mission trackers from being used from those locations.

Galactic Trade Network

      • The Search button is now correctly disabled for categories that do no have a subcategory when there are no search results.

Groups and Targeting

      • The “Always Show Class Symbol” preference is now disabled by default.
      • Target Markers can now be bound to keys in the preferences menu.


    • Guild Banks now display on the map even if the player is not in a guild or the player’s guild does not currently have a Guild Bank.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a rare client crash that could occur for characters with full banks, inventories, and a full ability list.
  • Some text errors in the French and German clients have been corrected.
  • An issue that could cause display errors in fullscreen windowed mode has been corrected.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the primary graphics to display to not be selected as the startup monitor when running the game for the first time on machines with multiple graphics devices.