TOR TV: Slicing Tutorial = Easy Credit’s

Here is a quick tutorial for you on Slicing. Slicing is one of the four Gathering Skills which involves accessing secured computer systems and lockboxes to acquire valuable data and rare schematics.

aikiwoce from reddit did a pretty need guide on Maximizing Slicing Returns. You can read it below the video.

Basically try to stick to these 4 rules while slicing:
1. Try not to queue anything less than a Bountiful Yield mission. Even Bountiful Yield missions 2 or more tiers below your current one have higher yields than moderate/abundant ones at your current slicing level. The mission Yields go Wealthy (discovery purple) > Prosperous (discovery blue) > Rich & Bountiful & Abundant & Moderate. Mission Discoveries for slicing don’t seem to pay off, so avoid unless you want augments.
2. If you don’t have a Bountiful or Rich Yield Mission available, queue a lower class mission.
3. Try to stagger companion return so you have time to select a Bountiful/Rich mission. Missions seem to be shuffled upon companions completing a mission or you completing any other mission (more investigation needed here). If you have to, queue a Class 1 mission to shuffle up your mission selection.
4. While leveling, orange colored missions have a chance of failure. Grey missions provide no skill ups.
Class 6 missions are either broken, or don’t work because of my skill level
Here’s a current data spreadsheet. Feel free to copy this sheet and input your own data. If you do please send me a link and i’ll include your data in my sheet. 

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