Star Wars : Force Arena – 5/2 Update Details

Another update is here again! This features some balance adjustments to hopefully give more exciting experiences in the arena. Other improvements are included here, so check out the details below:

 Balance Adjustments

A Balance Patch is here to make some changes for some cards in the game.
All numbers listed in the Balance Patch are based on the cards at Level 1.

Light Side Unit Balance

 Luke Skywalker
Luke is the one of the oldest card released in the game and he is also a Leader who has been loved by many Squad Leaders. But, it is also true that he has been neglected while new powerful Leaders have been continuously released. Therefore, his Special Ability has been adjusted to make him be loved again.

 Ben Kenobi
Along with Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi is a very powerful card that can change crisis into opportunity. He makes it easy to defend and counter enemy attack by converting organic enemies into ally units in an instant. But, since he focuses more on combat instead of using his Mind Trick when he is summoned near enemies, many commanders have been disappointed due to the expectation on his Mind Trick. To resolve this, Ben Kenobi’s AI has been improved to use Mind Trick when he spots organic enemies, even if he is in the middle of combat. Also, we increased his HP to let him show his ability longer in a battlefield.

 Poe Dameron
Poe’s ability to survive in the battlefields of Force Arena wasn’t that great. It was because his control difficulty was high and he has a slightly low Attack Power since his deck is mainly composed of airborne cards. Therefore, Poe’s Attack Power is increased. As you focus on using your cards, you will worry less that Poe will be defeated sooner.

Dark Side Unit Balance

 Cad Bane
Cad Bane, who is very special among the many Dark Side heroes, can handle various weapons with great skill. He is geared with his Blaster Pistol as a basic equipment, and can change weapons such as grenade, flamethrower, and a bola depending on the situation. But, it was hard for him to respond to sudden situation changes because his skill cooldown time wasn’t that short. From now on, Cad Bane will be able to change his weapons more frequently. Also, he will show the power that fits his title as a Legendary Bounty Hunter since his overall combat ability have been improved.

IG-88, who has been in the game from the early ages, has showed its ability as a Unique card of Bossk, especially how its ability to defeat a lot of enemies in a blink of an eye by wildly fired blaster was very powerful. But Bossk and IG-88 became neglected due to releases of new, attractive, and special cards. This specific card does not want to be neglected, so its abilities have been enhanced.

TK-7193 is a Unique card made to protect Tarkin, who does not have very high HP. It helps Tarkin to get out of critical situations with its ability to stun near enemies by attacking with the butt of his rifle. But the short stun duration didn’t really worked for enemy Leaders who have high combat ability and mobility. Because of this, TK-7193 has been improved to surely protect its Leader during critical situations by increase its stun duration.

 Vulture Droid
Vulture Droid is a very special unit that continues its combat on the ground after a mid-air assault. It can do both attack and defense at the same time when an enemy wave is coming. But it was hard to utilize it because of its high energy cost. Therefore, it was decided to decrease the energy cost needed to summon Vulture Droid. But for the sake of fairness to other cards, its combat ability will be decreased a little as well.

 Other General Change

  1. ‘Opening Victory Pack’ and ‘Acquiring Battle Reward’ will be removed from the Daily Mission.