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SWTOR Cartel Market Newest Additions: Week of December 18

Here are the newest additions to the SWTOR cartel market:

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More items hit the Cartel Market, including the chilling new Vulptilla mount, a Ossan Orrery decoration, festive Life Day Bundles, and more!OSSAN ORRERYAvailable Now!


  • Quietly sneaking up behind it’s prey, the Vulptilla is an apex predator of the frozen wastes. Stalk the battlefield in newfound style with this ferocious mount!


  • Have you found your disguise collection lacking in your Stronghold? You can now let your inner roar out with this new Disguise Terminal: Wookie Stronghold decoration.


  • Gain the advantage over anyone that wanders in front of your crosshairs with the Fieldtech Gunner Armor set.

NEW LIFE DAY SNOWGLOBESAvailable for a limited time!

  • Decorate your Stronghold with these four new snowglobes representing Umbara, Copero, Nathema, and Ossus.

2017 LIFE DAY BUNDLEAvailable for a limited time!

  • The 2017 Life Day Bundle makes a return! This holiday bundle features a Merry Ice Tromper Mount, Model Umbaran Train Decoration, Snowtacular Flair, Surprise Toy, and a Copero Jubilee Miniprobe Minipet.

WAMPA LIFE DAY BUNDLEAvailable for a limited time!

  • The Wampa Life Day Bundle contains a Wampa Companion, Festive Tauntaun Mount, Festive Weapon Tuning, Holo Shrub Toy, and Four Droid Ecosample Decorations.