SWTOR is having a playtest on the PTS for the new hutball map this weekend

THere is your chance to playtest the new hutball warzone. Check out the news below:

Hey folks,

Like we did for previous PTS updates, we are going to be running some focused playtest sessions for the new Vandin Huttball Warzone. This will allow us to ensure that a higher volume of players are in the queue at one time. The playtests will occur:

  • Friday, 8/31: 2PM – 4PM PDT (9PM – 11PM GMT)
  • Saturday, 9/1 10AM: 12PM PDT (5PM – 7PM GMT)

Like always, we will be running around playing incognito alongside you! Hop in and don’t forget to pass on your feedback on the new map, here.

In order to participate simply have a character of any level on any faction and queue up within the specific window. As a note, if you end up in an Arena match instead of Vandin, do your best not to leave the match. Instead try to complete it as quickly as possible and then requeue.