Star Wars Battlefront: Space to Ground Combat Confirmed?

star_wars__battlefront__2015_____fan_made_boxart_by_danyvaderday-d6hpt1lMoviepilot has come to the conclusion that Star Wars: Battelfront will have Space to Ground Combat. The reason for this, is a game play trailer for the upcoming indie game: “No Man’s Sky” witch is developed by the same game engine. Check out the full article over at

Star Wars: Battlefront has yet to receive a release date for 2015, but we’re sure it’ll be hitting the Xbox One, PC and PS4 during the Holiday season of next year. A Star Wars christmas is all that we could ask for (oh wait…we got that film and it was horrendous…)!

There is certainly a great deal that we expect from the Battlefront series, and from a Star Wars NextGen game made by DICE and EA. Each player is going to carry their own preferences and expectations for the title, but there’s certainly one thing that we all desire: Space to Ground combat. And I really feel like a little game we’ve all seen bits of has confirmed its presence.

The idea of space to ground combat has been a desire for Star Wars and Battlefront fans for years. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 gave us space combat, but unfortunately it was only limited to final frontier and we couldn’t venture to the planets we fought outside of (the space combat was insanely cool though!).

But with the power of Frostbite and NextGen consoles, we want to see this become a reality. Either be fighting in space and have the option to leave at any time and focus your attention on a ground base on Hoth, or vice versa. All we know is that we want it. And I think that this Indie game has confirmed it.