Star Wars Fan Film: Retribution

It’ll be a while until the next Star Wars movie hits theaters, so in the meantime Star Wars fans can watch a half-hour movie created by… a college football player. Called Retribution, the film was written and directed by Georgia University student Chris Conley, who started work on the short video last November.

While Retribution doesn’t have the same cast and budget of actual Star Wars movies, it’s actually quite good, even though it was filmed in Conley’s University surroundings. With a simple plot, decent sound and visual effects as well as plenty of shooting and fighting (light saber action included), Retribution shows what can be done with the right amount of Star Wars passion and proper gear.

Published on YouTube on Saturday, Retribution has already passed 200,000 views and it’s likely the number will go up as more Star Wars fans discover it.

You can watch the fan-made flick in full below.