BioWare Targets November 25-28 for Last Beta Weekend

Earlier today , the official Star Wars: The Old Republic Twitter feed, and Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid (AKA @Rockjaw) confirmed that the ‘everyone is invited‘ beta weekend is on track for November 25-28.

This is basically an open beta event and the invites should be coming this upcoming week. But now we also know when we will be playing in this massive beta event. Some have asked if this date for the weekend was intentionally chosen on Thanksgiving weekend, a holiday for those in the United States. Maybe they were thinking fewer people would play during this time? Or maybe the exact opposite was true and they were thinking that people would be off for the holiday season, giving them more time to play and enjoy the weekend.

Will you be changing your holiday plans in order to beta test SWTOR? How much time do you think you will be able to squeeze in for testing?

Here’s the update in the official forums about the beta weekend:

“Updated the FAQ with this question and answer:

When will the Beta Testing Weekend start?

We are targeting November 25-28 for our upcoming Beta Testing Weekend. Exact timing on when you will be invited will be specified in your invite email.”

Lisa Clark

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