Gamebreaker SWTOR Video Blog #22

We haven’t followed the republic podcast for a while. Mainly becourse it haven’t been that intereseting. But this week, the guys discussed the trooper class — My favorite!

This one is a long one though so we have posted a short summary below the video.

Basically the podcast could be broken down as:

Trooper video analysis: They dislike the female trooper, the guy with glasses wants his trooper to be a bulky bad ass. Also they enjoy the grenade shot by the Trooper that knocks back the force leap.

Secondly they discuss what “modular shield” means in reference to the Trooper’s ship. They decide it either means interchangeable shields or damage would effect parts of the shield separately.

Recreation Center: They discuss what a recreation center on the space ships likely means and if they think it’s cool. They guy with the bandana thinks a gym where you could workout would be cool, while the small guy with glasses dislikes the idea and wants his companions to be slaves. haha

Trooper Companion: Both of them like the trooper companion character and agree he’s rather badass.

Running animation: They both agree that running looks ridiculous at the moment, as your lower half does not look connected to your top half. They hope it gets fixed soon.

Cinematic Cutscene: both love the CS and agree it’s great that they strip away the user interface to enhance the experience.

1 voice per gender of each class: Both think there could be problems since you could have a party with two of the same gender and class and in the Voice overs, they would have the same voice. This could kill the scene they say. Decide that it might be possible to modify the voices slightly by pitch in order to increase variety.

They talk about the extensiveness of the voice over and how cool they think it is.

Next they discuss how people are confused about whether this game is single player or multiplayer, or rather RPG vs. MMO. They say it’s so different from any other MMO that it’s hard to understand for some people. The guy with the glasses says that he thinks strictly solo players may miss the MMO part, but once you group up it will be a multiplayer experience like nothing else out there. The guy with the bandana says SWTOR is like a Bioware RPG with an MMO universe rapped around it.

They are surprised that MSNBC has talked about the expectations for SWTOR, which is good mainstream media. They say the game could be “HUGE.” The guy with glasses says he hates the phobia in America about online games – example “WoW nerds” – and he is excited that this game could breakthrough to the mainstream.

“The ONE game that has the potential to knock WoW from the #1 spot in MMO’s is SWTOR.”

Someone asks if SWTOR is threatened by other MMO’s set to launch this year. They say no, the other games should be threatened by SWTOR. Glasses says Bioware is a great company with lots of respect, rarely makes bad games, and has a huge following. He thinks TOR is too unique to lose players to any of the other games.

Finally they discuss what possible mundane and repetitive features the game could have. The guy with the glasses says he thinks having your companions do your crafting could be lame, although he doesn’t like having companions.