Disney Plus Announces Password Sharing Crackdown Starting June 2024

Disney Plus Sets Sights on Password Sharing: A Strategic Rollout Begins in June

In a significant policy shift that’s set to redefine how subscribers use Disney Plus, the streaming giant has announced an impending crackdown on password sharing, slated to commence in June. This move, confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger during a CNBC interview, marks a pivotal moment for the platform as it seeks to navigate the financial challenges of the streaming sector.

A Gradual Implementation

Contrary to previous indications that the anti-password sharing measures would kick in early 2024, Iger clarified that the initiative would start mid-year but would not immediately affect all users. Initially, the crackdown will target subscribers who share their account with individuals residing in different households. This phased approach mirrors Netflix’s strategy, which began its own password sharing clampdown in May 2023.

Disney’s plan will debut in select countries before achieving global coverage by late 2024. While specific nations for the initial rollout haven’t been disclosed, it’s speculated that Canada, Spain, and certain Latin American countries—mirroring Netflix’s initial focus areas—might be among the first to experience the new policy.

Financial Imperatives Drive the Crackdown

The decision to enforce stricter account sharing rules stems from Disney’s urgent need to stabilize its financial health. The streaming foray has proven costly for Disney, with the company reporting significant losses in recent years. Bob Iger’s return to the helm was primarily aimed at curtailing these financial downturns, a goal that seems to be on the horizon with Disney projecting profitability by the end of the year.

Netflix’s experience with password sharing restrictions has demonstrated potential benefits for subscriber growth and financial stability. Following an initial dip in user numbers due to the policy change, Netflix witnessed a substantial increase in subscribers, attributing the growth to the new account sharing rules. This success story has likely influenced Disney’s decision to implement a similar strategy for Disney Plus and Hulu, another streaming service under Disney’s umbrella.

What This Means for Subscribers

For Disney Plus enthusiasts, the impending policy change signals a need to reassess how they access and share their favorite content. With classics and new hits from Marvel and Star Wars at stake, subscribers may need to prioritize their watchlists to ensure they don’t miss out on must-see titles before the crackdown fully takes effect.

As the June kickoff approaches, Disney Plus users in the initial target countries should prepare for adjustments to their viewing habits. Meanwhile, those in regions slated for the later stages of the rollout have a brief window to enjoy shared access before the policy extends globally.


Disney Plus’s decision to curb password sharing is a clear response to the financial pressures of the streaming industry and a move to align with practices established by competitors like Netflix. As the landscape of digital content consumption continues to evolve, Disney’s strategy reflects a broader trend towards securing sustainable revenue streams while adapting to changing viewer behaviors. As the policy unfolds, subscribers will navigate the new rules, potentially reshaping the streaming experience on Disney Plus and beyond.