The Beginner’s Guide to Esports and Gaming: Starcraft & Starwars

StarCraft is a defining point in electronic sports, better known as esports. Together with the game’s expansion, StarCraft Brood War, StarCraft has formed esports as we know them today. The game’s story begins in the 2000s when two South Korean broadcasters accept a bet on whether they could televise competitions between players and elicit strong viewership.

The answer soon followed with thousands tuning in to watch StarCraft tournaments, so much that the world found out, for the first time, that interest in esports broadcasts is serious. StarCraft became the most-watched real-time strategy and video game anywhere in the world before long.

What Is StarCraft and Why Is It So Popular?

StarCraft’s popularity lies in the simplicity of the gameplay which offers immense room for personal growth. Back in the 2000s players weren’t quite sure what they were doing, but they were confident that StarCraft has limitless potential. The game is predicated and it is about the conflict between three unique interstellar races, who vie for survival and resources.

The war between them proves captivating from a storyline point of view, but it’s equally interesting to watch when played out as an esports tournament. StarCraft’s popularity depends on the fact that it relies on players’ personal skills.

In other words, the better you are, the more you can do in the game, and getting to this high level of play often requires years of dedicated training. That is why StarCraft is recognized as a national sport in South Korea and deservedly so. 

What started as a bit of a jest turned out to be one of the most significant developments in esports in the early days and StarCraft may very well have kickstarted the development of competitive video gaming. What we have seen in India is growth in this market. 

StarCraft’s Popularity In India

What is astonishing is that India’s leading StarCraft player Nickuni Bansal, in an interview with Sportskeeda’s Suromitro Basu, feels that with the talent and enthusiasm India could surpass South Korea. He postulates that “If only our country would show proper support towards gaming with proper infrastructure there’s nothing stopping us from taking over the world.” So Indian teams and Indian players could be a great outside odds bet. The esports betting market is stronger and more lucrative than ever. Many websites, such as Mostbet esports betting, began offering the opportunity to bet on a match of StarCraft. Some even introduced betting with a virtual currency.

Esports Betting: What Should You Know

Because of how popular StarCraft has become, people from all over the world want to be able to bet on the outcome of matches.   

GosuGamers, for example, came up with tangos, a currency that was used to wager on different outcomes of games, and was purely for recreational purposes. However, esports betting is an institution all by itself today and you can place different wagers on the outcomes of all sorts of StarCraft matches.

Betting on esports isn’t that difficult as a matter of fact. So long as you are a fan and you are doing it for fun, you will spot opportunities to back a team or a player you like and get a little something out of it as you do.

Where Is StarCraft Today?

StarCraft is just as popular in South Korea today. However, in the West, it seems that StarCraft II has taken precedence. Blizzard managed to resuscitate the game and adapt it for Western audiences who are a little more demanding and expect better graphics amongst other things.

As one article put it, Blizzard managed to bring the king of RTS back to life, and this is an accurate description. StarCraft possesses all the qualities that you would expect from a game that is built to last. What’s more so, StarCraft is still a timeless classic that is played actively in South Korea and beyond. Today, there are numerous SC tournaments to be a part of or watch, including but not limited to:

  • ESL
  • DreamHack
  • IEM Katowice
  • StarLeague
  • Global StarCraft League

In the West, StarCraft II is taking a bit of precedence and that is how it has developed. However, the game is fully committed to maintaining the same level of skill involved that makes StarCraft so distinct and powerful.

Ultimately, what helps the StarCraft franchise shine is that it takes a lot of skill to play which is precisely what esports is all about. Sure, you can amass a respectable army and see where this would take you or, on the other hand, you can focus on macroing your armies like a real professional.

The Undying King of RTS Esports

For as long as there is competitive video gaming, StarCraft is set to rule as the game is one of the most brilliant options out there. The pace of gameplay and depth of strategy are all by themselves sufficient to distinguish the game as one of the best-loved out there. Players who are looking for enjoyable gaming StarCraft will certainly satisfy, and if you don’t have time to play, watching and placing a bet may be just what you need.