Star Wars and Planetary Poker – A Perfect Home for Card Gamers and Star Wars Fans

Today’s television series has enjoyed much enthusiasm from fans of different backgrounds now that there are multiple genres which modern filmmakers, writers, and directors are exploring. One particularly interesting genre that sparks the imagination of its viewers is the sci-fi genre. Although it may not be new to the public, this type of television series dared to go beyond what is currently known and explored the possibilities of non-existent technologies. This kind of setting is well-embodied in the Star Wars series, be it technologies used in warfare like lightsabers or space vehicles like the Millennium Falcon. These gadgets may not exist yet but it cannot be denied that these films have inspired engineers and scientists to develop groundbreaking machinery and tools. Today, we have the likes of Google glass or holograms that back then were once only considered as figments of our playful imagination.

With such success, the Star Wars series has seen an increasing number of fans and remains one of the most iconic films to grace the Sci-Fi genre up to date.

Germany and Star Wars

You will likely find a Star Wars fan base wherever part of the world you go. And true enough, Germany is spot on haven for the series’ fans. Just this July 26-28, Essen, a town in Germany, hosted the Star Wars Celebration, which was dubbed as the largest convention in Europe. The event included several surprises for Star Wars fans including exhibits, an interactive show floor, autograph sessions, and screenings among others.

This convention isn’t a first in Germany, since the German natives have been known as hardcore fans ever since. See, founded in 1981 under the name European Star Wars Fan Club, the now Offizieller Star Wars Fan Club (OSWFC), is just one among plenty clubs that were formed for devotees. Today, the group has about 7000 members and regularly receive benefits from different conventions. The group is also famous for Jedi Con, which is considered as the biggest of such in Germany.

Even in our entertainment industry and in the simpler board or card games, the series has invited much imitation like in the case of Planetary Poker. In Star Wars, the Millennium Falcon has served as a planetary poker hub for long space voyages. The card game first appeared in Star Wars: The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot, and was then the subject of poker night imitations for card gamers and devotees of the series. Incidentally, Europe has seen quite a rise in the poker industry for the past decade. With such developments, card and Star Wars enthusiasts can play their poker game in a Star Wars setting. Plus with diverse platforms be it at Casino Baden Baden or online at partypoker, these fans can always create innovative ways to reinvent their hobbies. Today, Star Wars is not only considered a multimedia franchise, but in fact, a culture of its own. Its innovative take of the film industry is undeniably an icon of today’s movie scene.