How to maximize your CBD experience

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most popular alternate chemical compounds substituting various prescribed drugs regarding pain and stress-related problems. Cannabidiols are the chemical compounds extracted from cannabis or hemp trees. 

Among other naturally occurring compounds, this chemical compound has been reported to have various types of health benefits if consumed regularly. Unfortunately, some users have failed to have the desired CBD experience, which might be due to various reasons. However, with prolonged usage, the body of the consumer becomes resistant to the substance. However, there are a few points that can enable the user to maximize the CBD experience.

Reading the instructions correctly

The basic of the mistakes users make is that they don’t read the dosage instructions on the bottles carefully. This substance and its effects on consumption depend heavily on the dosage mechanism and the procedure. For example, while consuming CBD oil orally, there is a need to hold the oil below the tongue for 30 seconds. 

This is because the sublingual area is filled with capillaries and salivary glands, which gives the body the required amount of time to absorb the substance. Unfortunately, most new consumers dump a dropper filled with oil in the mouth and directly swallow it, resulting in the lack of results. 

The Choice of CBD

Choosing the correct type of CBD for the desired effect by the consumer is one of the critical factors in rendering the optimum desired effect from the substance. The extract of cannabis and hemp plant leaves contains various types of compounds and cannabidiol or CBD. The presence of these compounds are the main criteria in differentiating among the substances. Hence it is important to buy the best quality products from a highly reputable vendor such as CBDfx where you’ll get lots of quality products at a very affordable price. The three different types of CBD are as follows:


This is the purest version of cannabidiol and consists of absolutely no other compounds from the plant.


This type of CBD retains all the naturally occurring compounds along with cannabidiols. This type also contains traces of THC. However, it is controlled at a limit of 0.3% of the concentration of THC in the substance.


This type, unlike the type as mentioned earlier, retains the other naturally occurring compounds from the hemp or cannabis leaf, apart from THC. This type of cannabidiol generally is the most used one.

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However, among the three different types of compounds, Full Spectrum CBD is considered to render the optimal effect of cannabidiol consumption. This is because it has all the active cannabis compounds loaded with various Phytocannabinoids types of terpenes. In addition, various studies show that full-spectrum CBD has a slight edge regarding potency over the other two types.

Partnership with Melatonin

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Melatonin is the natural hormone secreted by the body, responsible for regulating the sleep cycle in human beings. Cannabidiol is a substance that renders effects that help to treat people who have insomnia. So, various pharmaceutical companies are coming up with medicines by combining cannabidiol and melatonin into sleep, enabling syrups. People looking to improve their sleep cycle can opt for this partnership between CBD and melatonin for its enhanced effects.

The emergence of CBD Super Coffee

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Super coffee is a variant of coffee preparation that has emerged due to the strong nature it possesses. The components of super coffee are healthy added saturated fats in the form of palm oil and organic grass-fed cow butter. With the addition of CBD into this concoction, the lipid content becomes higher that help in picking up the active cannabidiol. Thus, it is more efficiently added to the appropriate areas of the body. 

CBD liposomes

Liposomes are little pockets of fat that mainly encapsulate soluble lipid drugs. Introducing cannabidiol enables better absorption by the gut. However, various pharma companies are incorporating the substance in its products, like the CBD liposomes that enhance the bioavailability of the substance. However, this is a new type of enhancing the effects of CBD and is only applicable for oral consumption of the substance. 

With the ways mentioned above, consumers can effectively understand the change in the effect of the substance and its enhancement. However, the most basic and effective maneuver in enhancing the effect is following the proper dosage mechanism and strictly sticking to it.