SW:TOR -Will Darth and Lord Be Player Titles?

A long awaited question was finally answered; will Darth and Lord be player-achievable titles and if so how rare will they be? 
Yes. And fairly rare from what we can tell. 
Daniel Erickson, Lead Writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic answered the anticipated question on the official SW:TOR forums just a few days ago. 
The post reads:
Hey Folks,

Darth and Lord are ranks in the Old Republic time period and while they represent an increasingly smaller percentage of overall Sith, they are clearly not at as rare as only having one or two running around in the galaxy. There are already numerous Darths (Baras, Malgus) we’ve seen who are not on the Dark Council.

It will likely not come as a surprise to most people that the titles of Darth and Lord are story-based rewards (one does not become a Darth by grinding frog-dogs) as are Master, etc. What may come as a surprise is that not everyone who completes a Sith or Jedi story will achieve them. There are always choices and those choices matter in many ways, including your notoriety and the rewards or reputation you earn. Darth will absolutely be off-limits when creating names.

So there you have it! What do you think? Do you think the titles should be restricted to such a small percentage of people? Do you think they should be PvP titles like some fans are saying?
With such high demand titles being available, we know that everyone is going to want one. What is there to set players with the title apart from other players? Will you have to be a “hardcore” player to attain one of these coveted titles?

So many questions and while the long-awaited big question was answered, we still don’t know about the details. They clearly want to keep us guessing on some details.