SWTOR Art by NitWhit

It took me awhile to appreciate the work of NitWhit. First I thought the style was way to cartoonish in a turnoff kind of way. If you got small kids like me, your your properly getting tired of kids cartoons in the morning to. But a few days ago I changed my mind. Looking through deviantart.com I kept pushing the back button and going through her art again and again.

There is something about this art style that I really appreciate. It’s definitely not cartoonish as I first thought. Maby you can describe it for me. Check it out below, and remember to stop by her deviantart.com profile and say hallo.

Little Red Button
Fall of Coruscant
Darth Drador
You’re Next
Flying Twilek
Kirali Comic Experiment
Zelkin Infinium
Kirali Lady of Lightning