What is BioWare’s Mysterious New Project “Zulu”?

BioWare is working on a new secret project that might now be slightly less secret, at least according to some reports that say an entry on Microsoft’s PartnerNet service has leaked details about the game.

“BioWare presents an adventure beyond your wildest imaginings – fantasy role playing action adventure in space!”

The mysterious title reportedly appears on debug Xbox Live with an image and the above description. BioWare fans are all abuzz about what this new “project Zulu” might be. It appears to be episodic and does not appear to have multiplayer or co-op modes.

The first episode is referred to as “Episode One: Too Many Cooks: Spoil the Broth” and there is a teaser to the second episode as well- “Episode 2: Another fun adventure to download and play.”

Various sources are reporting that a new BioWare title, ‘Project Zulu’ has appeared on the development version of Xbox Live Marketplace. While some are getting excited about a potential new, upcoming game, there’s always the possibility that this is just BioWare testing. It could easily be a product listing test, particularly since some of the “leaked” content was still very unfinished. It sounds a bit odd for a BioWare game which also increases the suspicion that it could be just testing.

Could it be a Mass Effect spinoff? Or maybe it’s the rumored new title with EA. Unfortunately, BioWare is not doing anything to squash or validate the rumors at this time.

What do you think the leaked screenshots mean?