SWTOR Art by Diana Mezzina

In this weeks fan art spotlight we take a look at French artist Daennika or Diana Mezzina wich is her real name. Daennika art style is much more cheerful then last weeks art by StandAlone-Complex and has been quite popular on the official forums, were she has been drawing members ideas to female characters. Daennika also does Sci-fi writing and have so far done 5 short stories over at fanfiction.net.

You cen check out ms. Mezzinas website here, and her deviantart profile here. And if you wanner check out her writing, do so here

Sith Inquisitor
Mirialan engineer/Bounty Hunter.
Let the Sith win
Young Zabrak Jedi
Dar Kyram
Tara-Willow’s Seren
No Escape