IGN Presents the History of BioWare

With Mass Effect 2 right around the corner, IGN posted an article, titled “IGN Presents the History of BioWare”, looking at the history of developer BioWare. Starting with their humble beginnings as two students of medicine programmign educational software at the University of Alberta, right down to the present day of them working on Star Wars: The Old Republic it looks at the string of successful titles they’ve released, the publishers they’ve worked with and such.

Here’s an excerpt:

Shattered Steel was a modest success, receiving positive reviews and seeing decent sales. Of particular note was the detailed deformable terrain that allowed players to blast craters in the sides of hills, and zone damage that allowed strategic-minded sharpshooters to take out weapons mounted on enemies. Interplay was pleased with the game, too, and a sequel was planned for 1998. It would never come to pass, as BioWare’s second game was about to completely eclipse anything Shattered Steel could have hoped for and define the company’s direction to this day.

Though you most likely already know most of it, it’s still a nice read to see where they’ve been and perhaps get a bit of an idea from that where they might be going.

[link] to article at IGN.