Why Star Wars Battlefront Snubbed The Prequel Trilogy

Star Wars Battlefront

DICE decided to let fans know why Star Wars: Battlefront will not include the prequel trilogy of movies.

Jesper Nielson, Star Wars: Battlefront’s producer, spoke up on Reddit and told fans why the game doesn’t include the prequels or Clone Wars.

“Sometimes you have to make choices, and those choices may be hard. We are the ones making the game and have to making hard choices sometimes. One of them was to focus solely on the Original Trilogy. The reasoning I’d rather have someone like Figge comment on”

The reason for this may have something to do with DICE being on a strict time constraint. Star Wars: Battlefront really needs to be released this year because of all the hype surrounding the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. If the game became delayed to 2016, sales wouldn’t be as great.

Mr. Nielson decided to also talk about the Star Wars: Battlefront feeling “nothing like Battlefield.” DICE has repeatedly stressed that Battlefront and Battlefield are nothing alike.

Star Wars: Battlefront has a release date of November 17th for PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.