TOR TV: Quintessential Conversations: “One of Us”

Quintessential Conversations

This video was mailed to us by the guys in the guild Pandamonium.

It is a time of struggle. It is a time of rebellion. It is a time for vacation. Wait, what? A few of the galaxy’s greatest heroes are due a little R&R, but one of their number is in for a totally different

Pandamonium is a guild dedicated to enjoying SWTOR and having fun. These media projects exemplify the creativity, the passion, and the camaraderie that they share. They have many traits in common with other SWTOR guilds with groups doing pvp warzones, flashpoints, and many dedicated eight-man operations teams (now 7 going on 8). But these machinima projects let them take it one step further and go beyond what the game designers envisioned. They create there own fun movie that they can enjoy crafting together and then, more importantly, share with their fellow SWTOR fans.””

The video below was edited by Kreep, and according to his guild mates, it took him three whole days working on the video with very little sleep in between. This is on top of a few days’ worth of writing and recording done a few months ago. But it took the recent burst of creative energy to finish it off as well as pave the way for a new project.