Cool SWTOR Lego Build

star wars lego 7We love SWTOR Legos. In fact, I love any type of Lego and these sets are really amazing. If you love Legos and you play SWTOR (or you are a Star Wars fan), you’re going to love the SWTOR sets. We’ve written about them before but here we found a guy sharing some pretty awesome photos of his build and the final project of one of the sets. It costs $90 if you want one for yourself and no, it’s not even the most expensive SWTOR Lego set out there right now.

In the first few photos, he shares the process of building the body and the wings, then attaching the wings, Malgus and the troopers, and the finished project.

He also has some great pictures of the Republic Striker and Sith Fury together.

star wars lego 4

Check it out and let us know if you have this set yourself.

star wars lego

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