Preventing knee-jerk ragequitting through marketing machinations? Sean “Dragons” Stalzer explains.

In D-Mail #1, The Syndicate Guildmaster and CEO Sean “Dragons” Stalzer explained his passion for building strong online communities and reasoned that these communities and the “business brains” behind online games have many of the same interests at heart. This week, in D-Mail #2: Knee Jerk Reactions, Sean looks at how game developers can slow down ragequit-prone guildmates before they do something rash, and do it through, of all things, clever marketing gimmicks?
Sean explains:

In the real world we weigh the pros and cons of a decision more carefully than many players do in the virtual world. So we can often see examples of ill-conceived decisions or solutions to a perceived issue that were not well thought-out. It is in those moments that communities can tear themselves apart and, once destroyed, the developer and the player suffers the results. So when I read the recent news from Bioware, it was with a mind to increasing social attachment to games that I viewed their idea and how it perhaps could be adapted to have a positive impact on MMORPGs.

What was BioWare’s most recent stroke of genius, according to Sean? To find out, read Sean Stalzer’s D-Mail #2: Knee Jerk Reactions, at Ten Ton Hammer!