SWTOR: Game update 5.8 Developer Livestream Notes

Dulfy has been awesome to supply us, yet again, with the notes from yesterdays developer SWTOR live stream.

The whole video can be found here:

Below are the most important points:

  1. Conquests

  1. Ashara Return/Vector Return
    • Catch up with Ashara and see how she has grown in the meanwhile – she has been studying the force without her master
    • Both Ashara and Vector are class specific companions – Only Inq/Agent can get them
  2. Izax Background/Gameplay
    • Izax Trailer: https://youtu.be/VeYIjfCT-4k?t=19m8s
    • New weapon on Iokath, people were aware it was there before. These were powerful droid weapons by previous creators of Iokath and deployed to primitive words. As players took on Tyth, players discovered that there were more. These droids kinda coincide with the Zakuul gods. Scya keeps these droids in control the best she can.
    • Izax is the most powerful of these droids and is set to Nightmare level difficulty.
    • First pull on PTS lasted 7 seconds and no one has been able to beat it on PTS. Fourth phase comes back to the mechanics of second phase but with a whole ton of adds. You will get swarmed by little spider droids.
    • Izax has been built up as an engine of destruction. Each boss in GOTM has been a step up in difficulty. Izax has longer cooldowns between attacks but his attacks have much higher base damage to show that devastating effect. His HP in Veteran mode is 104 million and his enrage timer is 58 minutes but you won’t be able to last that long (is a joke)
    • It will take you 13 seconds to run back to Izax after a wipe. In Scya’s room there is a hidden mini boss that you can defeat to bring down your run back from 64s to 12s.
    • You won’t be able to control Izax on Iokath after defeating him.
    • If you beat Izax in the release period after 5.8, you will get a title and a rare item from Izax (similar to Wings of Architect) that is bound to legacy. If you beat it after the release period, the item will still drop but it won’t be bound to legacy.
    • The beam coming out of Izax’s chest looks a little familiar and give you an idea of what to expect in 5.9.
  3. Class Balance