SWTOR: Izax Challenge Mount and Title Announced

The guys over at Bioware, just announced that the Izax challenge will be ending on April 30 with a mount and title as hot rewards! Check it out:

The Izax Challenge Ends April 30th

The last and largest of the dangerous droid superweapons of Iokath has been unleashed! With no one remaining to reign in its terrifying power, Izax the Destroyer, is set to annihilate everything in its path – starting with your Alliance. Do you have what it takes to defeat Izax’s superweapon “family” of bosses and then face the final God from the Machine Operation boss… in Veteran Mode? Set your sight on epic rewards and arm yourself with some pro-tips!

Epic Rewards Await: Izax-Inspired Mount and Character Title

If you’re worthy enough to take down Izax in Veteran Mode by April 30, 2018, you’ll be generously rewarded! Be the proud bearer of the ‘Strike Team: Defeating Izax’ Achievement which unlocks Legacy-wide rewards including the unique ‘Wings of the Dragon’mount and ‘Bane of Izax’ in-game character title. Claim your rewards through the Achievement system on May 1, 2018 with the launch of Game Update 5.9: The Nathema Conspiracy.Izax Portrait Collage: Submit Your Screenshots

Celebrate the Izax Challenge! Send us in-game screenshots of you and your allies adventuring across the galaxy for the opportunity to be a part of the Izax Portrait Collage! Submit your screenshots to swtorsubmissions@swtor.com.Pro-Tips: Defeating Izax in Veteran Mode

Grab your closest and most powerful allies and keep these pro-tips from Designer Matt Pucevich in mind as you use every combat technique and battle resource at your command to overcome Izax in Veteran Mode. The Izax fight takes place over multiple phases on the roof of a broadcast tower. What that means is that when you have done enough damage to him throughout the fight, be ready for his mechanics to change as you enter a new phase.

Pro-Tip #1: Have a detailed plan for Phase 2

  • You’ll want to break through Izax’s Deflector Shield as quickly as possible. The more time that you spend trying to wrangle the coordination required to punch Izax’s shield, the more time you allow for things to fly off the roof. Have a clear plan for exactly what each group member should be taking care of during the shield break portion of this phase.
  • The drones always deploy in the same arrangement relative to Izax’s position on the roof.
  • If Izax has enough time to deploy two waves of Hull Cutters before his shield is punched, you are taking too long.
  • While you’re at it, have a fallback plan for what to do if or when one Amplifier is accidentally destroyed.
  • Mind your vectors and keep an eye on the arrow trail indicators that appear when an Energy/Amplifier drone is about to fire. Step out of the line of beams not aimed at you and try to safely orient beams aimed at you so you’re not needlessly hitting others. Damage from carelessly aimed beams can add up deceptively quickly and stress healing.

Pro-Tip #2: Maximize Omnicannon Drama in Phase 3!

  • Watch out for Izax’s superweapon – his Omnicannon ability. When he is casting this ability, you will want to be on high alert to make sure it doesn’t take your group down!
  • You can overload the broadcast tower’s infrastructure to drain Izax’s Omnicannon charge, but you can only drain Izax’s Omnicannon charge so many times, so make sure you’re getting the most out of each cycle.
  • Arrange the overloads as quickly as you can, using the lowest-DPS members of your group, so that damage output on Izax is maximized.
  • Once you have everything in place for an overload, however, hold off on “hitting the button” for as long as you can. Overloads fully drain Izax’s charge no matter how much he has, so you might as well wait until Izax is almost fully charged.
  • In addition to heightening the drama, this gives your group time to sneak in extra damage. Mashing overload buttons immediately may lead to a situation where you’ve run out of buttons before Izax is pushed to the next encounter phase

Pro-Tip #3: During the Makeshift Drone in Phase 4, make the most out of every energy shot and ALWAYS keep the Augment Drone charged!

  • Each time an Amplifier Drone is hit with an Energy Beam, it re-fires a beam one level stronger. When the Augment Drone is hit with an energy beam, it gains a stack of power for each level of the beam. Likewise, when Izax is hit with an energy beam, he receives a stack of damage vulnerability for each charge level of the beam (and also takes more raw damage from the beam). Make the most out of each energy beam!
  • The Augment Drone’s damage field increases the damage your group does to both Izax and the Hull Cutter swarm, whereas Izax’s damage vulnerability debuff only increases the amount of damage your group does to Izax. Therefore, while it is important to try and keep Izax’s damage vulnerability stack count high, always prioritize keeping the Augment Drone powered.