Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Celebrates 8-Year Anniversary with Exciting Events and Rewards

In celebration of its 8th anniversary, “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” is rolling out an array of exciting events and rewards for its dedicated player base. This milestone is marked by a series of special activities including double drops in various battles, a generous anniversary inbox gift package, and exclusive mystery chests. Additionally, both new and veteran players can look forward to unique offers such as special calendars, character shards, and a variety of bundles and packs. This anniversary event not only commemorates the game’s enduring success but also reinforces the developers’ commitment to providing a rich and engaging experience for the “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” community.


“Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes,” the popular mobile strategy RPG, is celebrating its 8th anniversary with a bang. The game, known for its engaging gameplay and expansive universe, has announced a series of events and rewards to mark this milestone, showcasing its gratitude to a dedicated community.

Anniversary Celebrations

Double Drops (11/23-11/27)

Players can enjoy double drops in various battles, including:

  • Light Side Battles
  • Dark Side Battles
  • Cantina Battles
  • Fleet Battles
  • Mod Battles

Anniversary Inbox Gift

A generous gift package awaits players, including:

  • Clone Wars Chewbacca x3
  • Omicron x2
  • Zeta x25
  • Omega x20
  • Captain Rex x10
  • Princess Kneesaa x10
  • Scout Trooper x10
  • Captain Drogran x10
  • Boushh x10
  • Lobot x10
  • Wicket x10
  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 1,000,000 Ship Building Materials
  • Various gear and salvage materials
  • Data-cache Currency x250,000

8th Anniversary Mystery Chest

A special mystery chest, free and available only on the web, can be collected daily.

Anniversary Portrait & Title

Players can obtain a unique anniversary portrait and title to showcase their participation.

Special Offers for New and Veteran Players

New Player Anniversary Calendar (Levels 10-84)

New players can claim a calendar with rewards like 80 shards each of Luke Skywalker (Farmboy), Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), Captain Han Solo, and Admiral Ackbar.

Various Packs and Bundles

  • Ship Trove Pack (Purchasable 2x)
  • Anniversary Paid Calendar
  • Omicron Calendar (Web Only)
  • New Relic 9 Bundle
  • Galactic Omega Bundle
  • Conquest Character Relic Hoards (Web Only)
  • New Conquest Ship Bundles (Web Only)
  • GL Leia Marquee Chase Bundles
  • Chromium Character Trove Packs
  • Mk 12 Gear Pack Rerun
  • Game and Web Crystal Promos


The 8th anniversary of “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” is a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and the developers’ commitment to its community. With a plethora of events, rewards, and special offers, both new and veteran players have plenty to look forward to as they continue their journey in the Star Wars universe.

FAQ: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 8th Anniversary Event

What is the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 8th Anniversary Event?

The 8th Anniversary Event is a special celebration in the mobile game “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes,” featuring various events, rewards, and offers for players.

When does the Anniversary Event take place?

The event is currently ongoing, with specific activities like double drops happening from November 23rd to November 27th.

What are the Double Drops, and when are they available?

Double Drops are a part of the event where players receive double the usual rewards from Light Side, Dark Side, Cantina, Fleet, and Mod Battles. They are available from November 23rd to November 27th.

What is included in the Anniversary Inbox Gift?

The gift includes character shards, Omicrons, Zetas, Omegas, credits, ship building materials, gear, salvage materials, and Data-cache Currency.

How can I get the Anniversary Portrait and Title?

The anniversary portrait and title are special rewards available during the event to commemorate participation.

Are there special offers for new players?

Yes, new players (Levels 10-84) can claim an Anniversary Calendar with rewards including character shards for various characters.

What special packs and bundles are available?

The event offers various packs and bundles, including Ship Trove Pack, Anniversary Paid Calendar, Omicron Calendar, and more, available for purchase or through web-only offers.

Is there a mystery chest, and how can I get it?

Yes, there’s a special 8th Anniversary Mystery Chest available for free, which can be collected daily only on the web.

How long will the special offers and bundles be available?

The duration of each offer varies, so players are encouraged to check in-game or on the official website for specific details.

Where can I find more information about the event?

For more details, visit the official “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” forum or the game’s official social media channels.

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