Leveling is, let’s face it, ridiculous… ?!?

Leveling is, let's face it, ridiculous... ?!?

There has been an ongoing thread on the official forums this past week entitled “Leveling is, let’s face it, ridiculous” that has garnered quite a bit of attention. It became so popular in fact that the Lead Combat Designer Damion Schubert decided to drop in and leave a line.

In his post he discusses a lot of interesting faults with skill based leveling systems.

Bioware  Quote From: Damion Schubert
Not to go into the details of what advancement systems we will have or not have inside the game but… this doesn’t always work out this rosily, without great designer care. I worked on Meridian 59, which was a wholly skill-based game, and learned a lot about the strengths and pitfalls of systems like it. One of my great pet peeves of pure skill-based systems is that they claim that they are more realistic, but they in fact can create extremely unrealistic situations inside the world.

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