The Force Engine Brings Classic Star Wars: Dark Forces to Linux with Ease via Flathub

Linux gamers and Star Wars enthusiasts rejoice! The Force Engine, the revered project that revitalizes the classic Star Wars: Dark Forces game, is now readily available on Flathub. This significant update eliminates the need for manual compilation from the source, streamlining the installation process for Linux users and making it an attractive option for Steam Deck owners.

Key Features of The Force Engine

The Force Engine (TFE) offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance the Dark Forces experience:

  • Full Game Support: TFE fully supports Dark Forces, including mods, with plans to extend support to Outlaws in the upcoming version 2.0.
  • Mod Loader: Installing mods is simplified; users can place their mods in the designated Mods/ directory as zip files or directories.
  • Enhanced Visuals: High-resolution and widescreen support are available, with options ranging from the original 320×200 software renderer to a GPU renderer that allows for higher resolutions and improved performance.
  • Extended Limits: TFE supports higher limits than the original game, addressing common issues like the Hall of Mirrors effect in advanced mods.
  • Comprehensive Input Support: Full input binding, mouse sensitivity adjustment, and controller support are included, though menus currently require a mouse.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Features such as full mouselook, aiming reticle, improved Boba Fett AI, autorun, and a new save system enhance gameplay without sacrificing the classic feel.
  • Audio Enhancements: OPL3 emulation and Sound Font 2 midi synthesis support are integrated for superior sound quality.

Preserving the Original Experience

For purists who wish to relive Dark Forces as it was in the DOS era, TFE offers the option to disable quality of life features, enabling players to enjoy the game in its original glory with the added benefits of higher frame rates and no need for DosBox cycle adjustments.

Collaboration with Nightdive Studios

In addition to developing The Force Engine, the project’s lead has contributed in a “technical advisory role” to the Nightdive Studios remaster of Dark Forces, set to release on February 28th. Despite this collaboration, there are ongoing plans to further enhance TFE, ensuring that it remains a valuable tool for experiencing classic Star Wars gaming.

How to Get Started

To enjoy The Force Engine, players must own the original Dark Forces game, which is available for purchase on GOG or Steam. With its debut on Flathub, accessing and installing TFE has never been easier for the Linux gaming community.


The Force Engine’s arrival on Flathub marks a significant milestone in preserving and enhancing classic Star Wars: Dark Forces for a new generation of gamers and long-time fans alike. By offering an accessible, feature-rich platform, TFE ensures that the legacy of this iconic game continues to thrive in the Linux ecosystem.

Check it out on Flathub. You do need to own the original which you can buy easily on Amazon