Star Wars Uprising: Sector Battle Imminent: Anoat

Hey everyone, today’s sector battle will start the Cartel Competition’s 3rd cycle. If you missed the update you can read it here on the forums. Below is listed the points rewarded to your cartel for placing in the Sector Battle. There are no other changes this week, here are the: Milestone rewards. As there was no Imperial battle this week some people will have banked 100+ Battle Plans and as it is the first SB for this Cartel Competition Cycle I would assume we might see some high numbers so be prepared.

Sector Battle Cartel Points

  • 500 points for the top General
  • 250 points for each other General
  • 50 points for each Commander
  • 10 points for each Captain.

If you have not seen the new rogue one star wars trailer I would recommend watching it cause it looks amazing! #HYPE

Rogue One Trailer

This week’s Leader board:


  • General (Rank #1-5): 10,942,300
  • Commander (Ranks 6-100): 5,244,500
  • Captain (Ranks 101-3000): 1,327,900+

Last updated at: FINISHED (Kabam Time)

Previous Leader boards:


  • General (Rank #1-5): 8,689,200+
  • Commander (Ranks 6-100): 5,083,000+
  • Captain (Ranks 101-3000): 1,033,050+


  • General (Rank #1-5): 9,840,300
  • Commander (Ranks 6-100): 5,393,750
  • Captain (Ranks 101-3000): 1,301,450


  • General (Rank #1-5): 8,622,000+
  • Commander (Ranks 6-100): 4,590,000+
  • Captain (Ranks 101-3000): 1,152,000+