Site updates July 2011

I know we haven’t been good keep you guys posted on what’s going on at the site, So I thought it would be a good time to keep you guys update on some of the new features we made on the side.

First of all we have re-added the Forum. We took it down re constructed the site a few month back, and havenøt gotten around to put it back up. You can find it under the community menu as shown below:

Hopefully we can get some great discussion and lot’s of fun there in the future. You need to creat an account to use it, but it’s super simple, and only takes a few minutes.

Secondly we added  IRC Chat to the forum. We have chosen to joine the #SWTOR channel on Quakenet, since it’s the largest SWTOR Chat on all of the IRC networks. I go by the name of sQren when I’m onlein. People tend to be pretty nice there, so if you ever feel like chatting with other people about SWTOR, I recoment you to check it out. You can als find the chat in the comunity meny as shown below:

We are also back with a new Youtube channel. Since we got banned last year, I haven’t been eager to start up a new channel, but we kind of needed a place to host all SWTOR movies in HQ. I will be uploading tons of material over the next few weeks, so please  remember to subscribe.

If you have any constructive ideas on how to improve the site, please express them in the comments.