To Create A Guild You Need To…

You need 3 very important things to creating a solid guild in Star Wars: The old republic. First question, is there a guild that suits your needs? If yes than join that one there are plenty of chances for leadership roles within the guild you’ve joined without the extra effort of crating the guild from scratch.

Second, what would make your guild unique? What would be different from any other guild that is created, you should think of this question before hitting the Create the Guild button.

And last can you stick it out till the very end you need to invest a lot of time and hard work creating your guild till you have a Kick @$$ guild that people will be waiting to join the cause.  You may say “Now I don’t want to make a guild,” but these are just some points you should think about before, that’s all.

Here is David Bass, Senior Community Coordinator for BioWare and Star Wars: The Old Republic Forum post on the subject.