Cartel Coin Conversions- How Much Does it Really Cost?

Cartel Coin Conversions- How Much Does it Really Cost?

Are you wondering how much that item in the Cartel Market really costs? While the Cartel Market operates on Cartel Coins, those coins have to come from somewhere and subscribers get a small amount each month but everyone else will have to buy them with cash. This isn’t a new concept to come to MMOs as many have been using this model for quite some time.

However, since it’s new to SWTOR, many players want to know how they can get the most from their cash spent on CC. So here’s a little breakdown of how much certain items would cost you (on average) from the Cartel Market. These prices are based on a ‘per character’ purchase. If you choose the ‘account wide’ option, it will cost more.

  • Carbonite Chamber:   720CC= $6.48
  • More Quickbars:  250CC= $2.25
  • 10 GTN Sale Slots:  125CC= $1.13
  • Additional Crew Skill:  420CC= $3.78

Now let’s take a peek at weekly content passes:

  • Operation Access             240 CC
  • Warzone Access               240 CC
  • Space Mission Access     240 CC
  • Unlimited Flashpoint Loot Access             240 CC

This comes to a total per character of 960 CC per week or about $9.20 for these unlocks alone.

Now keep in mind that the more Cartel Coins you purchase at one time, the more you can save so buying bigger bundles means more savings. Here are the packages:

  • $4.99 for 450CC = 90CC per $1 (or 1.1 cents per CC)
  • $9.99 for 1050CC = 105CC per $1 (or 0.95 cents per CC)
  • $19.99 for 2400CC = 120CC per $1 (or 0.83 cents per CC)
  • $39.99 for 5500CC = 137CC per $1 (or 0.73 cents per CC)

It’s quite obvious from these breakdowns that the $15 subscription is cheaper if you’re looking to do everything (or near everything) in the game. But if you want to be a free player and only unlock extra species or character slots, then a sub might not be for you. It’s all about weighing in how you play with the costs involved and making your own choice.

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