Flashpoint Guide: The Streets of Cademimu

swtor The Streets of Cademimu guide

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The Streets of Cademimu Flashpoint takes place in the city of Cademimu and it’s for level 29 players or higher. Some of the NPCs in the area are not aggressive so you can just bypass them but you’ll notice that a lot of them are fighting each other. For this reason, you’ll need to move fast and tag them first so you can get your XP points and the loot.

You will go up against 3 bosses but to reach the first one, you’ll need to go down the elevator until you reach a green marker. When the elevator stops, the first thing you’ll see is a group of NPCs fighting. You’ll need to run into them to get the instance to update the objective. When you look on your map, you’ll notice that you now need to move farther north than where you were first located.

For the new objective, you’ll need to go north and make your way past a police blockade. On your way there, you’ll encounter a bunch of mobs so be ready to fight. Look for the two prison cages holding resistance fighters in one of the upper rooms. When you find them, use Slice to free them. One fighter can assist each Slicer through the instance until they are killed off. As soon as pass this room, you’ll encounter the first boss.

First Boss: Officer Xander

For the first boss fight, you’ll encounter Officer Xander and his droid EN-4C. At first, you need to focus on the boss and ignore the droid. He won’t do anything for awhile and even if you attack him, it won’t do any damage at this point. When fighting this boss, watch out for his bombs that will be thrown at a random member of your team about every ten seconds. These bombs will also do 20 percent damage to anyone around the targeted player, so stay spread out.

Later in the fight, you’ll see red letters pop up saying that the EN-4C will arrest a player. When this happens, a red mark will appear under the feet of the player targeted and it will stay there throughout the fight. That player will need to kite the droid around to avoid being frozen in carbonite for about 30 seconds but everyone else needs to continue focusing on the boss. When EN-4C encounters enough damage, he will go back into his motionless state.

Once you kill Officer Xander, his droid companion will also die and the first boss fight is over. Now make your way to the taxi terminal, jump onboard and choose a flight location. The next mission marker is located on the eastern side of your map. You’ll encounter a lot of trash on your way to the second boss fight.

Second Boss: Captain Grimyk

Captain Grimyk is a fun boss to fight mainly because he is so interesting. This boss is a Wookie with a flamethrower. How cool is that! Grimyk will call four silver adds to help in the fight. They are strong so be prepared but here’s a good tip for beating them. If you are near them when the boss throws his flamethrower at you, he will torch and kill them for you. The rest of the fight is the simple tank and spank fight.

After killing the boss, your next destination is the Security Console and Logistics Computer terminal. Go east to the Launch Complex and ride the elevator to ground level. Do not get off until you reach the ground, or fourth stop. As soon as you exit, you’ll encounter a group of mobs. Your tank should be in front and ready to fight these. Don’t waste any time getting off the elevator or it will take off and carry you back up and you have to start over.

After killing the mobs, destroy the console and go east to the Logistics Computer terminal. Once there, you’ll pick up your Light Side or Dark Side points. Now, it’s time to head south to meet the final boss.

Third Boss: General Ortol

The third boss is the normal tank and spank fight but he has a couple abilities that will make it more challenging than the other bosses. You’ll find him in the large circular room with vents in each corner. There will be rockets located above the vents.

Ortol will launch the rockets every so often during the fight. At first, it will be one, then two and then three rockets at a time. You will receive massive burn damage if you are near the corners where a rocket goes off, so stay away from them. You will get a warning that the General is preparing to fire a rocket. When he gives this warning, look for the white smoke. If you’re near it, run away.

Avoid the rockets and Ortol’s knockback ability and you’ll eventually win the battle and end the flashpoint.

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