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Flashpoint Guide: The Streets of Cademimu

Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic The Streets of Cademimu Flashpoint takes place in the city of Cademimu and it’s for level 29 players or higher. Some of the NPCs in the area are not aggressive so you can just bypass them but you’ll notice that a lot of them are fighting each other. For this reason, you’ll need to move fast and tag them first so you can get your XP points and the loot. You will go up against 3 bosses but to reach the first one, you’ll need to go down the elevator until you reach a green marker. When the elevator stops, the first thing you’ll see is a group of NPCs fighting. You’ll need to run into them to get the instance to update the objective. When you look on your map, you’ll notice that you…

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