How to Make Your Created Character Grow Faster in New World?

BuynewWorldCoins editor Jeck Miley likes MMORPG and usually tries every new game on the market. However, in 2021, he encountered the difficulty of choosing between many titles for the first time. This aspect is due to the good further development of the old game and the release of the new version. Jeck Miley spent almost all of my past 100 hours in the MMORPG of the new world. I use the time to create guides, explore the world, upgrade, and of course, cut trees and mine ore. This guide Jeck Miley introduces you to How to make your created character grow faster in New World?

You created your character, decided to join the MARAUDERS, COVENANT, SYNDICATE faction, choose your race and profession, customize your character’s appearance, and get ready to complete your mission to save the world. What should we do now? Well, you still have a long way to go. In New World, almost everything is based on your level. Even if you can explore specific areas, you need to reach a certain level. Otherwise, you are dead.

To get the level, you have to kill a lot of killings to gain experience points. Some items can give you more experience points, but you must be a high-level character to purchase these items. So there is no way to get rid of this system because it is the core of all RPG games. Basically, the stronger you are, the more interesting the New World.

In New World, you must also learn a profession: skill-based craftsmanship. You must develop this profession to make progress in the campaign. This is another layer of complexity in upgrading roles.

Different missions, raids, and dungeons require you to be at different minimum levels. So the game content will only be unlocked when you level up. The best content is the endgame, which you can only access at the highest level.

However, there are several ways to make your life easier.

One of the most direct ways to speed up your character’s level is to perform as many tasks as possible in nearby areas, whether a town, village, etc. These tasks overlap, so you don’t have to go back to the same place and do similar Tasks.

Of course, the other technique is not doing all types of tasks. Some tasks are straightforward but reward little experience, so manage your time and energy and only accept Tasks after reaching a certain difficulty threshold.

Junk dungeon: This means entering the dungeon and playing the role of a healer/tank. This allows you to gain experience points without risking too much of being killed.

Preparation and research: There are countless forums about World of Warcraft, and you should make good use of them. Read, learn and ask! Once you understand your courses and competitions, you can find the most effective areas for training.

Of course, everything I said will take a long time to complete. If you want to reduce it significantly, you can improve service with less attractive pants, whether in the game or not. Especially in terms of training and upgrading, the boosters here can have a considerable impact. We will now discuss this option.

Pros and cons

Here, we can list the pros and cons of promoting the role. Let’s start with the shortcomings:

You can’t get a complete gaming experience. The extent to which this is a scam depends entirely on you.

PvP combat may be problematic because you will lack experience in the complexity of action.

Generally speaking, you will lack experience in in-game details, such as knowledge, map areas, and general mechanics.

Our advantages include:

Of course, it saves time. If you are an experienced player, upgrading to the top may still require you to spend a few hours a day for weeks or months!

Access the best game content faster.

You can use enhanced roles as substitute roles to help you: for example, it is easier to make New World Coins if you have a high-level role. Therefore, you can more easily obtain Coins and transfer them to your low-level roles.

You can still experience training and upgrades. The promotion just makes it less painful.

You make you interested in games.

You can focus on other aspects of the game, such as understanding the history behind the many years of the game.

The world is yours

Whether you are a veteran or a novice, you will directly understand the shortcomings of the tempering and leveling roles. Making your life easier is not shameful, and promotion is the easiest way to increase your character level and experience the endgame content.