Upgrading mining in World of Warcraft - main features and who may find it useful

Upgrading mining in World of Warcraft – main features and who may find it useful

When you start playing WoW, you will quickly understand that the main leveling and quests are only a small part of the main content, and it is important not only to increase the level of the hero, but also to equip him with everything necessary in a timely and high-quality manner.

You can engage in professions that will help you earn WoW gold, or strengthen your hero if your character is dependent on heavy equipment and at the same time you are leveling up your blacksmithing.

Mining Basics

Processing ores and materials in mountainous areas begins with the purchase of a pickaxe – without it, you will not be able to split stone and other rocks and the profession will continue to be inaccessible to you.

The pickaxe can be purchased from any NPC that is associated with your profession, depending on the chosen faction.

Then you need to go to any mountainous area and carefully monitor the marks on the map associated with the corresponding display of the pickaxe – in these places you can mine ore and potentially precious stones – if you are lucky.

Actually, first of all, minerals are processed for the sake of ore by all players who sell resources to blacksmiths and the metalworkers themselves, who in this way produce equipment for their hero, or sell it to other players.

By the way, the blacksmith creates craft tools and makes sockets for reinforcing stones, and this also requires ore, or rather the ingots into which it is formed, but more on that a little later.

Characteristics of a Rock Processor

Starting with the Dragonflight update in World of Warcraft, all representatives of professions have their own characteristics and parameters that directly affect the craft as passive effects or chance phenomena.

They are controlled and improved to a large extent through special equipment, which we will talk about a little later. The only thing that can be said right away is that its production is largely ensured by the connecting creating profession – that is, blacksmithing, which will save a lot and will allow you not to buy WoW gold, but some of the equipment will have to be ordered from qualified artisans, depending on the logic of the origin of the item.


This is a parameter that increases the likelihood of getting double the amount of resources from the same rock due to the chance effect.


A characteristic that speeds up ore processing time and allows the player to perform more actions in a given minute of time in order to quickly process many ore extraction points and collect more resources.


When processing ore, you have a chance to receive materials of improved quality, and it is attentiveness that adds the chances that you will receive such materials more often and more consistently.

If we analyze all three characteristics, we can conclude that attentiveness will be the most useful parameter, followed by accuracy and only then speed, because the general acceleration of the pace does not bring such benefits as more resources and their value.

When any of the new effects work, or all of them at once, you will receive a characteristic notification in the new interface.

New equipment for masters of gathering professions

You, as a master of collecting mining resources, will have three slots that can potentially be filled with appropriate equipment, which will enhance the above characteristics.

You can equip the Pickaxe, Bottomless Sack and Gatherer Helmet as three items that can be equipped and increase all the parameters associated with the profession.


You can create, or order through the order table, a pickaxe made of draconite and kazgorite and receive an increase in a random characteristic. If you get an improved version, you will also receive an increase in the main parameter.

The item is created by a blacksmith, which is a related and most logical profession for a materials collector.

If this is your path, then create an item until you get the attentiveness parameter and a kazgorite pickaxe. If not, then you can buy WoW gold and invest it in production at the order table until the chosen craftsman creates the quality of items you need.

Bottomless bag

It can be made of rocky or muddy skin and gives an increase in accuracy.

The item is created by an engineer, and increasing the quality will provide an additional increase to the overall indicator of the profession.

You have to order it at the order table, and it depends on you how many attempts you are willing to make to get an improved item.

Explorer Helmet

This item will increase your skill and attentiveness parameters, and can also increase the general parameter of the profession.

It is also created by an engineer, and you will also have to try and invest WoW gold to get a really high-quality item.

Total earnings from mining

The higher your game parameters in the chosen profession, the more and more often the amplifiers will work, which will bring you more resources and increase the overall increase in gold that you will earn from sales.

You can sell all the ore you receive and earn pure gold, or transform it into finished items that can be useful and will be bought by other players if you put them on the trading floor.

In addition to blacksmithing, this can also be jewelry, since ore rocks can periodically drop precious stones, which can be useful for jewelers to create and enhance special stones that will receive additional characteristics.

Conclusions on development and earnings on rocks in World of Warcraft

Craftsmen who are professionally involved in mining can earn a lot of World of Warcraft gold simply by selling the mined resources of a blacksmith master, and enhancing characteristics and purchasing or producing special equipment will help obtain higher quality materials in large quantities.

The most optimal format for selling all the materials and types of ore that you will come across is to pay attention to the second profession – blacksmithing.

You can transform ore into full-fledged ingots and create elements of heavy armor, shields and heavy helmets, as well as steel weapons and mount additional sockets into which you can insert gems with additional parameters. Such stones are created by a jeweler, but since you will already have two spots occupied if you choose blacksmithing, it will be more profitable to sell all the surplus of such stones and get extra gold in WoW Dragonflight.

There is another option – you can take mining and another gathering profession – for example, skinning – in order to accumulate and sell all types of resources that you can collect.

Even without paying attention to all the parameters of the second profession, you will still have the opportunity to obtain enhanced and rare resources and sell them to craftsmen associated with their profession.

Don’t forget about the tools that you need to create to strengthen your own capabilities, especially if the two chosen professions are prefabricated.