New Artwork for swtor 7.4 'Chains in the Dark'

New Artwork for swtor 7.4 ‘Chains in the Dark’

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is poised for its next significant game update – 7.4, titled “Chains in the Dark.” Under the new stewardship of Broadsword Online Games, this update aims to add fresh content and improvements to the game. Here’s a closer look at what’s in store:

1. New Adventures on Ord Mantell: Kessan’s Landing

Daily Quests and Reputation Rewards:

  • Players will traverse to a new daily questing hub on Ord Mantell known as Kessan’s Landing. Here, you can partake in new daily quests to earn reputation, titles, and a myriad of rewards including a mount and an armor set.

New World Boss and Mounts:

  • Encounter the new world boss, FR3-D0M, a creation of Separatist remnants described as a “propaganda bot.” Additionally, two exclusive mounts await players in Kessan’s Landing.

2. Revamping the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) and Gearing

  • A notable revamp of the GTN and gearing changes are set to refine the player’s trading and gearing experiences, respectively.

3. Technical and Visual Enhancements

Lighting and Shadow Technology:

  • The game will see visual improvements with enhanced lighting and shadow technologies, aiming for a more visually engaging gameplay experience.

Customization with New Dyes and Coloring Options:

4. Narrative Continuation: Old Allies, New Foes

  • The unfolding narrative picks up from the previous storyline, introducing players to new and familiar faces as they navigate through the evolving crises on Ord Mantell.

5. Balance Adjustments and New Skills

  • With the introduction of additional skills to Legendary Implants and balance adjustments, players will find a refined gameplay experience awaiting them.

6. Community Engagement: A Nod to the Players

  • During the announcement, an exclusive code was shared for in-game rewards, signifying the continued engagement between the developers and the SWTOR community.

7. Looking Ahead

  • This update sets a precedent for the future, with more content and updates in the pipeline as revealed by the Executive Producer, Keith Kanneg.

“Chains in the Dark” is a testament to the ongoing commitment to enhance and expand the SWTOR universe, ensuring players have a wealth of content to look forward to. The updates and improvements underscore an exciting era of engagement and exploration for the SWTOR community under Broadsword’s helm.