Why Fallen Order is So Great

Before Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was first released in 2019, Star Wars fans were crying out for a game that hearkened back to the old era of Star Wars games when the likes of Battlefront and The Force Unleashed were popular. Star Wars fans did already have the rebooted Battlefront series to work with which were admittedly good, but they still did not have a game that embodied the series and told a good story like the original The Force Unleashed did. Enter Fallen Order. The announcement of this game drove Star Wars fans wild, and fortunately, the reception of it was just as positive.

The gaming community has learned to keep expectations in check in recent years, as no one knows what a game will truly be like until they play it for themselves. Gamers were especially wary as EA were the publishers of the game, and although it was Respawn Entertainment that was making it, an established name within the industry, EA has caused its fair share of controversy. However, once the game was released and the initial reviews started to come in, gamers and fans of Star Wars soon realised that they have something special on their hands.

Gone were the loot boxes that resembled gambling, even at TBC you can find some casino options, which have plagued the gaming industry for so long. What did exist was a purely single-player experience that had been carefully crafted with Star Wars fans in mind. In Fallen Order, Respawn have made it possible for the player to feel like a Jedi themselves, as the intuitive gameplay will have users glued to the screen using lightsaber skills and force abilities to cut their way through enemies. Those who are fans of Dark Souls will feel that the gameplay is familiar – enemies do good damage, can be locked onto, and dodging and parrying is encouraged. They attack in familiar patterns that must be learned to progress through the game, which makes for a sometimes frustrating but ultra-satisfying experience.

Aside from the gameplay, there is a well-written story. Players are placed into the shoes of Cal Kestis, a Padawan who is trying to survive after escaping from the mass murder of the Jedi following Order 66. The story revolves around Cal and his new friends and their attempt to stop the Inquisitors from finding a new generation of Force-sensitive children to raise in the Dark Side of the Force. Each character is well presented and clearly have their own desires, and some even have dark secrets. By the end of the game, players will have been on an emotional journey of twists and turns that result in a fulfilling ending.

Star Wars fans had been waiting for a game like Fallen Order for so long, and it is nice to finally see a game that accurately depicts the Star Wars universe and allows players to feel immersed within it. There is no doubt that gamers will be hoping for the second instalment to be announced soon, as the world that was set up in Fallen Order is too good to throw away.