Are there many bingo games variants?

Classic bingo is an incredibly popular game, many players still enjoy it despite its origin being traced back hundreds of years. In recent times, however, there has been an increase in something called bingo variants – visit Barbadosbingo.

What are bingo variants? 

Classic bingo is the default game of bingo which every player will have encountered before. It is the game which is primarily played in bingo halls. Classic bingo isn’t the only way that players can enjoy the game of bingo as there are actually several bingo variants out there! A bingo variant is essentially another way to play the game, it will approach the game from a unique position and ultimately offer a different experience whilst still staying true to the classic game. Bingo variants have existed for many years but have started to become increasingly prevalent since the rise of online bingo. Online bingo sites aim to offer a bigger variety of bingo games in a bid to attract and retain players. 

Why are they so popular? 

Although the classic bingo game will never fully go out of style, there has been an increase in the popularity of bingo variants over the past few years. There are a number of reasons as to why they are so popular. 

  1. Gameplay variety – Bingo isn’t a game that becomes tedious by any means but sometimes a player needs a break. If a player wants to try a new game which still follows the basic principles of bingo then a bingo variant is a great thing to use!
  2. Better winning opportunities – While this point doesn’t apply to every online bingo variant, there should be little doubt that many bingo variants will offer a much better winning opportunity than the regular game. This is usually down to the unique gameplay which they offer, it is generally much more focussed on the players ability rather than blind luck.
  3. Better prizes – More variety in these bingo games also means that they have the chance to offer players better prizes than classic bingo, these can range from tickets to cash. 

Best bingo variants 

While searching the online bingo sites, players will encounter an array of bingo variants. The following are some of the best. 

●     Speed Bingo is a fun variant which offers players the chance to enjoy a bingo game at an incredibly quick rate. As the name suggests, this bingo variant is perfect for players who want to enjoy a fast game and don’t want to wait around.

●     Slingo is a unique variant which combines bingo with another hugely popular online game, slots. Slingo takes the best from both games and combines them into one amazing game that will please fans of both bingo and slots. 

Final Thoughts 

There are an increasing number of bingo variants for players to choose from. While none of the variants have yet to usurp the original in terms of popularity, they are still well liked. Variants such as sling and speed bingo are both well liked by players.