Top Slingo Games for SWTOR Fans

Slingo, a portmanteau of slots and bingo, is the latest craze when it comes to iGaming. It was created in 1994 and has been slowly increasing in popularity over the last decade. It has been praised for its originality and innovation, but also its interactivity, which has a lot of overlap with console gaming.

Slingo Games with Star Wars Themes

For fans of SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic), there are loads of Slingo options out there similar to the game, for when you fancy a break from the MMPORG. Maybe you’re already over the recently released SWTOR Legacy of the Sith game that came out in February and you’re looking for something new. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you can always come back to SWTOR and your fellow players later on.

Just like SWTOR, Slingo is an innovative franchise that now has a cult-like following. With merchandise and different ways to play, it’s an interesting and flexible option for new players.

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There are currently no explicitly Star Wars-themed Slingo games (boo!). While we wait for the expansion of the Star Wars franchise and universe, here are some Slingo games with similar themes that have quite a few similarities with Star Wars.

1. Slingo Starburst

Slingo Starburst uses similar imagery to the Star Wars franchise. Aside from having a retro feel that can also be experienced when watching the movies, Starburst is set in space, amongst the stars. Fans will feel right at home playing this one. It’s based on the original old-school casino game Starburst, giving it arcade-like elements that appeal to the average gamer as much as to Star Wars fans.

2. Slingo Fire & Ice

This Slingo game has a double grid format that allows action-packed gameplay. This is a great pick for SWTOR fans, who can likely see some similarities between the Galactic Republic vs. Sith Empire element of SWTOR and the two opposing forces of fire and ice. This is an explosive game that is full of surprises.

3. Slingo Showdown

Intense competition, defeating enemies, and dramatic gameplay are all features of this Slingo game, making it align well with the elements of SWTOR. It’s got a mystical element that will also feel very familiar to anyone who’s a fan of the movies. The Western-themed game transports players back in time and adds an edge to Slingo in a way that’s not dissimilar from Star Wars and its influence on SWTOR.

What Makes Slingo So Great

The beauty of Slingo is the originality of the game, as previously discussed, but also how easy it is to play.

Each player gets 20 spins, and each spin reveals five different numbers, which can then be marked off on the bingo card in front of you.

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If you get five numbers marked off in a row on the card, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, you then have a Slingo and you win.

There are many wildcards in this game. The Joker allows you to mark off a number from a specific column. Super jokers let you mark off any number on the grid. However, a devil will block a match and leave you without a crossed-off number. You can also win coins, which equate to points, and free spins whilst playing.

So here’s to hoping we see a Star Wars-inspired Slingo game in the near future!