Playing Deposit free bingo: Is it the Best Option?

Picture yourself on a long-haul aeroplane flight. You’ve got a lot of time to kill and you fancy playing some free bingo without the inconvenience of accessing your e-wallet and personal financial information on insecure aeroplane Wi-Fi.

In these circumstances, deposit free bingo seems like the best option and you’ll be thanking the sites that offer it as an option. You can play bingo for free at King Casino, without making a cash deposit from your personal bank account into your e-wallet. What’s not to like?

What is deposit free bingo?

Deposit free bingo are games of bingo set up on online bingo sites that don’t require you to deposit cash into your e-wallet before playing. They’re designed to offer players the chance to decide whether they’re comfortable on the site, and whether they like the feeling of the online hall.

More often than not, they’ll be offered to players as part of a welcome package to say thank you for signing up to a particular site.

The wagering requirements

Deposit free bingo isn’t just free bingo with all the frills of regular bingo though. If everyone had the option of playing for free, as well as winning cash at the same time, no-one would ever pay for a game again. Online bingo sites would go bankrupt and the whole phenomenon of online bingo would come crumbling down pretty quickly. No, the option is there to play for free, but the games will come with wagering requirements.  

These wagering requirements usually include things like being obliged to wager 2x the total amount of any bingo bonus. This means that if you were awarded a £20 bingo bonus, you’re obliged to wager £40 in order to use it.

This can be annoying for players who think they’ve won a cash prize and then can’t use it, but as stated above, it stops the whole industry crashing down financially.

So is it the right option for me?

Deposit free bingo is the best option for you if you’re just getting into gambling online. If you’re at all unsure about the complexities of wagering requirements and haven’t trawled through the terms and conditions, you probably just want to keep things as simple as possible. Playing a few games of deposit free bingo is the best way to becoming acclimatised to the digital world of bingo.

There’s really nothing to lose. If you’re not spending your own money, why not get involved? With no cash deposit needed, you can play bingo with the free cash given to you and if you don’t get a win, you still haven’t spent any money.

However, you will still need to register with every site you play on despite the games being free. This means that if you’re signing up to every site where you’re offered free no deposit bingo, you’ll end up giving your personal details out to a lot of sites.

Similarly, deposit free bingo won’t be for you if you’re a traditionalist who is just wanting to get involved in the thick of it with an experience as similar to old in-house bingo halls. If big monetary prizes are too tempting, avoid all the wagering requirements and play the real thing!