Spoils, derivatives, tactics about Escape from Tarkov Customs area Map

In Escape from Tarkov, an in-depth understanding of the map played an essential role in the survival of the raid. Customs is a map for beginners. Get the information you need to survive here on this map and a vulkanbet bonus code It involves trophies, Tarkov Roubles, and survival in conscientious opponents but not principled areas. Mastering the map is worth it. To help in the battle in the customs area, you will find everything you need for a successful surprise inspection.

Entry map: Customs-this is an export

Why is this a beginner map? The dealer Prapor offers you the mission first appearance at the beginning. You must kill 5 SCAVs for the arms dealer in the customs area and bring him some weapons. Doing this directly makes sense because you can immediately improve your reputation at the dealership.

As time passed, custom maps became introductory maps, and some players embarked on hardcore adventures at customs sites.

Where is the extraction point? The map provides 24 extraction points, which are displayed in German or English in the game. Nine points can be used as a savings target for your PMC attack, and 17 points can be used as a SCAV. It starts at the far left of Crossroads and extends eastward to the last point of Factory Far Corner.


PMC extraction point

1 – Intersection/Intersection

2 – Trailer parking space

6 – Smuggling Ship

7 – RUAF roadblock advertisement / RUAF roadblock advertisement

10 – ZB-1013 (need electricity/need factory export key)

11 – Dorm V-Ex / Dorms V-Ex (cost 7,000 Roubles)

15 – Old Gas Station-Old Gas Station

18 – ZB-1012

23 – ZB-1011

SCAV extraction point

1 – Intersection/Intersection

3 – Worker’s cabin in the trailer yard

4 – Track to port/rail to port (north)

5 – Track to Tarkov / Railway to Tarkov (South)

7 – RUAF roadblock advertisement / RUAF roadblock advertisement

8 – Sniper Blockade/Sniper Barricade

Warehouse 9-17 / Warehouse 17

12 – Old Road Gate

13 – Factory Shed

14 – Old Gas Station/Old Gas Station

Warehouse 16-4 / Warehouse 4

17 – To the military base/Road to the military base

19 – The passage between the rocks

20 – Military base KP/Military base CP

21 – SCAV checkpoint / SCAV checkpoint

22 – Administrator Door

24 – the far angle of the factory

Beginners need to master map knowledge to get good loot

Among the tips for beginners, we recommend that you make some basic preparations to make yourself worry-free. It would be best if you had some basic understanding of map structure to develop a raid strategy.

If you are not familiar with maps, then exploring your surroundings should be your top priority. To perform this operation as safely as possible, you have two options. Play as SCAV or offline.

Why as SCAV? As a predator, you will get a random load every time, and if you have a successful round, you can put it in the box.

After the SCAV round is over, you have to wait 20 minutes before you can plunder again, but this is the best way to understand the map because you can associate the experience with the location on the map.

Why is it still offline? If you want to browse the map peacefully, you can do it in offline mode. No enemies appear on the map, and you are protected from attack.

The container can be looted, but these items will not remain in your inventory after one round. In the offline round, you can activate the robot and slightly improve the aiming effect or use new weapons for practice.

Keep your head down and finish the game.

What is the best strategy for beginners? Look for the covering and try to adjust the direction. The large factory chimney (two towers) in the middle, the silo/nuclear power plant in the east, the red warehouse, or the river in the west are very helpful.

If you press O twice quickly, you will see the extraction point. In the first few laps of the new map, the ultimate goal is to escape the map. Avoid good places, don’t get caught. Go to the points that allow you to travel safely. You don’t have a question mark next to the ad.

How to reach halfway safely on the map? Fortunately, the customs area provides a relatively safe route on the map, so you can efficiently conduct SCAV inspections here. In the picture below, you will find a way that should be quiet.

But please be vigilant at all times. Since everything on this map is not suitable for you, there is no safe path, and the last part of the route to the pick-up point can determine the round.

Key, boss, and house is the next step.

What can I do with the key? The map provides many keys needed for specific rooms, vehicles, or locked loot boxes, and these keys are hidden throughout the map, even on other maps. You can also find keys on Custom that only fit locks on different maps.

In this article, many keys are marked on the map, and you can rob them directly. However, some keys do not have a fixed spawn point and may get stuck in a bag, SCAV, or box.

It would be best to place the key in a place with a symbol that looks like a small yellow lock-you can also see the exact key on the map. You should collect the keys to the dormitory room and be ready to attack your dormitory for the first time. You can also find the room key in the dormitory itself.

Make a plan of which keys to wrap and how to use them. Since the bowl does not run out and only takes up a small amount of space, you can put it aside and use it in other teams.

What can a SCAV boss do? The boss and his appendages may protect the location provided by the map customs. If you kill the troops, it will bring you a lot of stolen goods.

The owner of the customs area is Reshala. He is in good health and has 4 SCAV friends with them, and they are fully armed.

If you want to take care of your boss, please plan to visit the gas station on your route. If there are SCAVs that barely move or guard the area, Reshala may not be far away. But it has more possible spawning points, and you can see these spawning points by the light blue cross on the map.

Should I search for houses? The customs provides many buildings from which you can obtain loot or keys.

Now, far away from the dormitory in the north. There are the best things here, but many other better-prepared players also know this.

The rest of the house is also tricky because there are usually multiple floors, and the changes between lighting and shadows make tracking difficult.

The dormitory in the north is the final challenge

With the SCAV boss, his companions, and good helpers of some careless players, you can also deal with the dormitory in the north. You can also find cheap add-ons here. The map below will help you find the most efficient way to travel.

Stay calm and focused-move slowly and listen to all sounds.

Make a plan-instead of going through each room individually, put the map aside in advance and come up with a plan to clear the dormitory.

Collect enough keys-many rooms are locked, and the correct keys are needed so that you can access promising and valuable things.

If you manage to empty the dormitory and disappear with the best loot on the map, no one will deceive you in EFT again. Now all you need is the red key card, and then you can relax, retire or continue hunting.