Dark and Light Side Guide to SWTOR Farming

Dark and Light Side Guide to SWTOR Farming

If you’ve played SWTOR for even a little bit of time, you know that you will at times be presented with storyline choices that ask you to chose Dark Side or Light Side options in the cutscenes. The game will reward you based on the choices you make. You will earn Dark and Light Side points that you can then use later in the game for rewards, gear and more.

Your alignment tree will show in the game and you can see how many points you need to grow in whichever side you choose. The most important thing to remember from the start is that if you don’t pick a side at all, you may end up neutral and therefore, will be unable to wear certain gear and items.

I noticed on the very first character I made that when I answered questions naturally, based on the answer I would give (or my character would give, while roleplaying), I ended up with a balance of both LS and DS answers- making my character neutral. Maybe I’m just a well balanced person… I don’t know… but it was annoying so I finally decided to just pick a side and then go for it full force.

I picked a side and for every question I did, I chose the options for the side I wanted. Some people wait until they are max level already to start working on farming the points. Here are some tips and suggestions for farming points for either side.

Farming Lightside Points

You could take the Diplomacy crew skill and farm Light Side missions.

Certain daily quests and Flashpoints have Light Side options.

Esseles can give you 250 light side points with each run.

Take 10-15 minutes and run through BT. Repeat about 4 times to get 800 LS points.

Farming Darkside Points

You can do BT normal and get about 200 DS points each time. Spacebar through the dialogue and skip the bonus quests and a run takes about 10 minutes. Then rinse and repeat.

You could take the Diplomacy crew skill and farm Dark Side missions.

What tips would you add? Are there any places that worked well for you to grind light or darkside points?

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