Flashpoint Guide: Battle of Ilum


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A Sith Lord has taken control over a very powerful Imperial Battle Station, moved it to the planet Ilum and declared himself the Emperor of a new, improved empire. He has attacked both the Imperial and Republic forces to claim the famous crystals found on this planet. He intends to use them to help wipe out the Republic and Empire from the galaxy. Your job is to infiltrate the base, find the Battle Station and put an end to his plan.

The Battle of Ilum is open to both Factions as they join forces to stop this Sith Lord from taking over. Players need to be at least a level 50 to take part in this flashpoint and you’ll face 3 bosses and two mini-bosses.

Mini-Boss: Gark the Indomitable

Shortly after you begin the flashpoint, you’ll encounter the mini-boss Gark the Indomitable. He won’t be hard to kill but he will call in help from some adds called Grunts and they will go after the healer right away. The tank needs to AoE them down before they do damage to the healer. They are only 5K HP so they will be easy to kill. The boss has two abilities that you need to be aware of. One is the single target stun Concussive Round and the other is an AoE attack called Hail of Bots. Interrupt both of these and taking down Gark will be easy.

First Boss: Drinda Zel & Velasu Graege

During the first boss fight, you’ll go up against Drinda Zel & Velasu Graege. This will be a hard fight partly because they will take a toll on your healer if you’re not careful. Your tank will need to hold aggro on Graege while taunting Zel. This way, you can keep control over both bosses preventing them from taking out your team.

Drinda Zel is a melee boss with a sabre and he will do a lot of damage when he attacks members of your team randomly. He also has the force lightning ability that will stun any player that it hits. The tank needs to taunt him because he will not hold aggro and he needs to be killed first. After dealing with Zel, you can turn your attention to Velasu Graege.

Graege is a ranged boss and one of his abilities is the Concussion Blast AoE knockback attack. For this reason, ranged should avoid getting too close. Once he reaches about 25 percent health, he’ll summons four turrets, so be ready to take them out right away. They will begin shooting as soon as they arrive and they can do a lot of damage. Once they are taken care of, continue focusing on Graege until you have defeated him.

Second Boss: Krel Thak

The second boss is Krel Thak and on his own, he’s not hard to beat. However, he will summons four stealth adds throughout the fight that can deliver a lot of damage. When he is summoning them, your group will be stunned for about 4 seconds.

You will see holographic images of the adds that will let you know they’re on their way. Fortunately, the adds don’t have a lot of health, so they’re easy to kill. The tank can gather them together and the DPS can AoE them until they are defeated.

Thak does have a damaging ability that he will use to blow up random members of your team so be on the lookout for this. He also has Defensive Screen that he will use every other time that he summons the adds. If you can’t interrupt it, then he will be invincible for a few seconds.

If you attack him while the screen is up, he will use an ability called Proximity Probe that will knock the person attacking him back. This can do a lot of damage so it’s best to wait until the screen drops and then begin attacking him again.

Mini- Boss: Commander Folek

Commander Folek is another mini-boss and he’s not very hard to beat. This is your classic tank and spank fight but you will also have to deal with his adds. The toughest one is Sith Marauder, which is an elite level add but you can use CC on him. Once he is gone, focus on the mobs and take them out. You need to get them out of the way so you can deal with Marauder. Once he is dealt with, you can then kill the boss.

Third Boss: Darth Severin

Now you’ve made your way to the third boss, Darth Severin. There are two stages in this boss fight and it will take its toll on your healers, so be ready for a battle. Severin has an add with him that should be taken out first and then concentrate on burning down the boss. Healers need to pay close attention because throughout the first stage, Severin will throw a crystal at random members of your group that will do +3K in damage.

When the second stage begins, Severin will use stealth mode. This will allow him to appear next to one of the members in your group randomly. He will then stun the player and immediately use force lightning on them. On top of that, you still have to watch out for the crystals because he will continue to use them, too. Tanks will need to be ready to taunt the boss when he goes into stealth because his aggro table will reset.

The fight will go back and forth between the two phases until your team kills Darth Severin, which will end the flashpoint.

Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic

FAQ for Flashpoint Guide: Battle of Ilum in Star Wars: The Old Republic

What is the Battle of Ilum Flashpoint?

The Battle of Ilum is a high-level Flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). Set on the snowy planet of Ilum, this Flashpoint involves players battling against Imperial forces to secure vital resources and protect the Republic’s interests.

What level is required to access the Battle of Ilum?

The Battle of Ilum is designed for players at level 50 and above. It can be accessed through the Group Finder, which scales the difficulty to match your level, or directly from the mission terminal.

How do I start the Battle of Ilum Flashpoint?

To start the Battle of Ilum Flashpoint:

  1. Group Finder: Use the Group Finder tool (default key “P”) to queue for the Battle of Ilum.
  2. Mission Terminal: Pick up the mission from the Flashpoint terminal located on the fleet.
  3. Direct Entry: Travel to the entrance on Ilum via your ship’s galaxy map.

What are the main objectives in the Battle of Ilum?

The primary objectives include:

  1. Securing the Outpost: Fight through waves of Imperial forces to secure key locations.
  2. Defeating Bosses: Overcome several challenging bosses, each with unique mechanics.
  3. Protecting Republic Resources: Ensure vital resources are not captured or destroyed by the Empire.
  4. Final Confrontation: Face Darth Malgus, the final boss, to secure victory for the Republic.

Who are the key bosses in the Battle of Ilum?

  1. Krel Thak: An Imperial commander who uses grenades and reinforcements to challenge players.
  2. Garkon: A Trandoshan mercenary with high damage output and strong melee attacks.
  3. SD-0: A massive war droid with powerful AoE attacks.
  4. Darth Malgus: The final boss, a powerful Sith Lord with a variety of force abilities and melee attacks.

What strategies should be used for the bosses in the Battle of Ilum?

  1. Krel Thak:
    • Interrupt his grenade abilities.
    • Focus on adds to avoid being overwhelmed.
  2. Garkon:
    • Use crowd control abilities to manage his high melee damage.
    • Avoid standing in front of him to reduce incoming damage.
  3. SD-0:
    • Spread out to minimize damage from his AoE attacks.
    • Use defensive cooldowns to survive his powerful strikes.
  4. Darth Malgus:
    • Interrupt his force abilities.
    • Stay mobile to avoid his AoE attacks and coordinate with your group to manage damage output.

Are there any special mechanics to be aware of?

  • Environmental Hazards: Be mindful of traps and hazards scattered throughout the Flashpoint.
  • Timed Objectives: Certain parts of the Flashpoint may have timed elements requiring quick and coordinated actions.
  • Boss Phases: Some bosses have multiple phases with different mechanics, requiring adaptability and strategy changes during the fight.

What are the rewards for completing the Battle of Ilum?

Completing this Flashpoint rewards players with:

  • Experience points.
  • Credits.
  • Gear appropriate to your level.
  • Daily and weekly commendations if completed through the Group Finder.

How can I prepare for the Battle of Ilum?

  • Gear Up: Ensure your gear is up to date for your level and role.
  • Medpacs and Stims: Carry medpacs and stims to boost performance in combat.
  • Group Coordination: Communicate with your group to effectively manage boss mechanics and objectives.

Are there any achievements associated with the Battle of Ilum?

Yes, completing the Battle of Ilum can earn you several achievements, including:

  • Ilum Conqueror: For defeating all the bosses.
  • Ilum Hero: For completing the Flashpoint multiple times.
  • Speed Run: For completing the Flashpoint within a certain time limit.

    By following this guide and utilizing the mentioned resources, you can effectively navigate and conquer the Battle of Ilum, ensuring a successful mission and valuable rewards. May the Force be with you!

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