SWTOR Knights of the Eternal Throne – ‘Rule The Galaxy’ Teaser

BioWare posted a short new teaser for them upcoming expansion for Star Wars Knight of the old republic, named “Knights of the Eternal Throne”. The teaser is quite interesting as it has some footage ofan expected fight betweeen the Outland and Vaylin.

Seize your destiny in the upcoming STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ Expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. Watch the new ‘Rule the Galaxy’ teaser and prepare to face a life-or-death battle for the throne on December 2!

A dark empress stands in your way to the throne, and her army is ready to hunt you – The Outlander – and your Alliance to the edge of the galaxy. If you’re going to survive the battles to come, you’ll need loyal friends at your side and the help of unlikely new allies. But when the battle turns desperate, are you willing to put your fate in the hands of the former Emperor?

Knights of the Eternal Throne is free to all Premium Players (Subscribers) on December 2, and new players can jump right into the story with a free Level 65 Character! Plus, rule the galaxy with Galactic Command: fight your way through fast-paced, explosive Uprising battles with three friends, or ignite dark vs. light side battles across the galaxy!

Go Premium by November 27 to pilot the Rapid Recon Walker into battle against the Empress.

Plus, play the full Knights of the Fallen Empire prequel saga today and find out how your destiny is tied to the Star Wars galaxy’s most powerful family!