Preferred access for Strongholds has an eventful start

Today was the day when Preferred access members were going to receive access to the latest SWToR expansion called Galactic Strongholds. Unfortunately the roll out wasn’t uneventful… Early Tuesday, gamers took it to the forums to inform Bioware that the much-expected expansion wasn’t available to them. This problem elicited a quick response by Bioware’s community manager, Eric Musco.

Quick update on Preferred Access to Strongholds. We are still working on granting access to everyone but we hit a small issue on our side. We are working through it ASAP, I will have an update within an hour from this post letting you know the current timeline for Preferred players getting access.

Fortunately the issues didn’t persist and about an hour later, Musco was again at the forums providing fans with updates.

Here is the status on Preferred Access to Strongholds. We are actively granting players access to Strongholds as we speak. This process will be continuing every minute over approximately the next 4 hours from right now (12PM CDT). If you haven’t been granted access, just try again a little while later. As a note, if you are online and you are granted access, you will need to log out of your game and then back in. Thank you all for your patience.

In short, all Preferred players should have access to Strongholds by 4PM CDT / 2PM PDT / 9PM GMT

It’s good to see Bioware keeping SWToR gamers abreast of the latest developments – good and bad. Since the update was posted no further posts or comments where seen relative to the issue.

Were you affected by the early Stronghold issues? Post below and let us know!