SWTOR: Galactic Command – Tier 4 and More

Eric Musco took on the official forums to inform the community on the upcoming Command Crate Tier 4.

Hey folks,As many of you saw from our social media post over the weekend, we are going to be adding Tier 4 gear and another 100 Command Ranks to Galactic Command in Game Update 5.2. I wanted to let you know that there is quite a bit more to it than just another Tier! Here are some other notes:

  • Tier 4 Command Crates are going to work a bit differently than Tier 1-3. You will much more consistently get set bonus gear in this Tier.
  • We are making adjustments to Tier 1-3 as well to make that leveling/gearing experience better. We want to make sure it feels rewarding to get higher in Command Rank/Tier.
  • There are other gearing related changes coming based on your feedback such as adjustments to boss drops in Operations.

Hold tight! We know that you have a lot of questions about why we are doing a new Tier and more Command Ranks. We have forum posts coming this week with a detailed breakdown of all that is coming and changing in 5.2.

Thanks everyone.