Sith Lord from Star Wars the Old Republic Cosplay

We love cosplay here, as you know. It’s even better when it’s SWTOR cosplay. Here’s a great cosplay from player, alkexor, with pics from Comic Con showing off his Sith Lord. He made many of his parts from things around the house, even a plastic trash can went into this cosplay.  If you’re wondering about the lightsaber, he bought it from Saberforge (a popular choice with Star Wars cosplayers). His exactly one is found here:

Here are some photos from Comic Con Gamex Stockholm. Looks like a great time!

comic con gamex stockholm 2015

This is an exceptional cosplay, especially for his first time. Here’s hoping if he does more in the future, he shares them with the Internet too.

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As always, if you happen across something awesome like this, or make your own, we want to know about it. Send us the story, a link, or your pictures and you might be featured in a post here

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