Satele Shan cosplay

Satele Shan by Saphira Cosplay

Satele Shan cosplay

You know how we love cosplayers around here, especially SWTOR or Star Wars cosplayers. So this is why we are excited to bring you this one of Satele Shan, a personal favorite of mine actually. Saphira is more than a pretty face; she’s incredibly talented too, which you can see from her Facebook page (linked below). The teamwork between Saphira and photographer for this shot really shines through in the end result. We love it and we’d love to see more!

The cosplayer herself, Saphira, left this comment explaining the lightsabers:

i built the sabers from scratch XD they have 5000 lumens in the blades, so they light up for real. i got the build process in my page ( They are also two sabers that can be united to form her saberstaff, her most used weapon, and the blades are clear blue acrylic that can also be detached for transportation. I would think that after getting hit with them fot that much time you would realized they’re not the cheapo light ones! XD they were made pretty fast, though, and yes, i’m gonna improve them for when i wear this cos again =P

And this is from the photographer (Source: Deviant Art faramon):

We must always be prepared to suffer for our art, to get this I had Saphira Cosplay hit me repetitively while I took a wide angle close shot … I like how it came out and the slight discomfort of being whacked with lightsabers was well worth it xD

Satele Shan – Saphira Cosplay / SingingNight

Photographer – Click here So Say We All Photography 

Thanks to Sam Amano, Henmo(R) and Arty for assisting!

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