Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Game Update 5/23/2017

Here is the latest patch notes for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes:

New units: Fulcrum Ahsoka
Daily login for June: Grand Moff Tarkin. For more information on his Empire faction pass, please see more below!
Happy 40th Anniversary!
Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope with Double Drops! These events only last 24 hours, so be sure to make your way throughout the Cantina. For more information, please see the schedule when double drops are going to…well DROP below!

  • 5-25 – Light Side (Normal and Hard) Nodes
  • 5-26 – Dark Side (Normal and Hard) Nodes
  • 5-27 – Galactic War, Mod Battles, and Mod Challenges Nodes
  • 5-28 – Cantina Nodes
  • 5-29 – Light Side (Normal and Hard), Dark Side (Normal and Hard), Galactic War, Mod Battles, Mod Challenges, and Cantina Nodes

40th Anniversary gift>
You’ve all been waiting and
it’s finally begun. It’s time to prepare for the Hero’s Journey! Use these gifts to help Luke prepare for his Hero’s Journey as he embarks on the path to become a member of the forgotten Jedi Order.

  • Luke Shards
  • 1,000,000 Credits
  • 36 MK I Ability Mats
  • 27 MK II Ability Mats
  • 12 MK III Ability Mats
  • 5 Omega Ability Mats
  • 15 Tier 4 XP Droids

Where is this journey leading? And what’s in store? We’ll find out more in August.

Plenty of community sleuths called it, but for those still wondering, we can confirm that Grand Moff Tarkin has arrived to close our Empire rework series by receiving a devastating faction pass! Head your Squad with Tarkin’s leader ability Tighten The Grip, which now adds Defense Down on enemies that go below 100% health on an EMPIRE characters turn. Each Basic attack now increases his Potency, while Ultimate Firepower now does additional damage based on Potency, allowing you to set up a devastating attack. This is complimented by his Special ability, Intimidation Tactics, which temporarily grants himself a 50% Potency up buff. Lastly, Tarkin’s ability arsenal is rounded out with Callous Conviction, gaining defense equal to his Potency!
Revisit the Galactic Empires unyielding commander of the Death Star and add him to your Squad today!
NEW! Trouble on Tatooine Flash Event
May sees the introduction of a new type of event- Flash Events! Unlike other events, Flash Events only last one to four hours in each instance and repeat several times a day, so be sure to catch them when they launch! Flash Events difficulty and rewards are based off your account level. All initial runs of a Flash Event have more generous rewards, so be sure to participate early and often!
Our first Flash Event Begins MAY 25th and takes you to the harsh desert planet of Tatooine. This lawless world holds many dangers and mysteries, especially for moisture farmers. To participate in this multi-tiered event, task Luke Skywalker with inspecting the perimeter of the farm as you join forces with Jawas to square off against marauding Tusken Raiders.

Code Name- Fulcrum Event
Join forces with AHSOKA TANO (FULCRUM) and battle the Empire in the newest Marquee event! Maneuver through various locations on Lothal, battling the Empires multiple waves of Troopers as you familiarize yourself with her abilities.
This adventure ends within the Malachor temple, facing the Fulcrum agent’s former master. Do you have what it takes to lead Fulcrum Ahsoka to her destiny?

  • Starts: June 2nd
  • Ends: June 6th

Code Name: Fulcrum Pack
Level up your Ahsoka Tahno (Fulcrum) by purchasing this new limited time pack! Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum), with a chance to get up to 330 SHARDS!
Code Name: Fulcrum Bundle
Power up Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) with a Code Name: Fulcrum Bundle! Pack contents include:

  • 80 Character Shards: Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)
  • Credits
  • XP Droids
  • Ability Mats

Imperial High Command Bundle
GRAND MOFF TARKIN has received one of the most epic faction passes yet with a brand new ability and two Zetas. Power him up today with this limited time bundle and unleash your fury! Pack Contents include:

  • 80 Character Shards: Grand Moff Tarkin
  • Credits
  • XP Droids
  • Ability Mats

Phoenix Squadron in Chromium and Fleet Packs
Rejoice! Your Phoenix Squadron favs from Star Wars Rebels season 3 are now available in the Chromium Packs! Additionally, GHOST and PHANTOM II can be attained via Fleet Packs. Add the Phoenix Squadron and their Ships to your collection today!

Mod Drop Rates and Shard Conversions
Our Heroes journey begins, and with it comes a celebratory change! Going forward, the drop rate for Mods has been increased on Mod Challenges and Mod Battles nodes.
Additionally, we have adjusted duplicate character shard yield rates in Chromium packs to the following:

New Shards new nodes
The Ewok Scout has been added to Dark Side 9-B Hard
EA Play to Give
Games permeate all areas of our lives today – across multiple devices and platforms, and reach players of all ages and genders around the world. With millions of hours spent in play every day, games are a powerful platform for positive, inclusive connections. That is why EA is partnering with several charities to give back to our player communities and support a more inclusive environment in video games.

Nute Gunray?
For more information regarding Nute Gunray, please refer to @CG_NotReallyAJedi


  • Grand Moff Tarkin: Tarkin’s special “Intimidation Tactics” can no longer be evaded.


What’s Ahead
Shrouded in secrecy, but worth the wait!