Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday May 23 2017

Here are the weekly cartel market items on sale for May 23 – May 30 2017. Remember you can support this blog by buying your cartel coins on Amazon via this link were you also will get a  Exclusive Item [Online Game Code]

new Item

recon trooper1440

Price Change

NameOld PriceNew PricePercent ChangeNormal Price
steadfast champion pack200250+25%250
supercrate: steadfast champion packs9501185+24%1185
hypercrate: steadfast champion packs46805850+25%5850
armored woodland varactyl11002200+100%2200

Available Again

black and white dye module750
black and black dye module1400
white and white dye module750
white and black dye module750


.credit flip
.ziost guardian’s lightsaber